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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Life is beautiful like a flower

The two words birth and death are complementary to each other and some even call them sisters. Life comes on this earth followed by death which is a fact of life. There is no certainty in life what is certain is only death. It is true one day we leave this world forever and the sky, the air and everything we love will remain in the distance of infinity. Overseeing the truth of tomorrow, we feel proud and assume that

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the whole earth and sky are made only for me and hesitate to share the fair values of nature with the people. In fact, life beautiful like a flower, which comes to this earth in the form of seed, blooms, the fragrance fascinates the world and after a while, it withers away forever. In the same way, we born, rejoice in life, and take off from this delighted domain eternally.

We are the lucky ones to come and ride in this beautiful world because all these happy moments are like experiencing the beauty of a flower. It is the sweet and joyful moments in us that make life meaningful, and the memories become perspiring. After we go away from this world, only the survivors have our memoirs and recall the moments that we spent together. Life is so beautiful in this world because of so many reasons. The development of science and technology has given us the opportunity to ride in the open air, to float on the water, and to share our joys and sorrows with our loved ones, no matter where we are in the world.  We are the luckiest, the highest, the happiest, and the most prosperous creatures of this earth.

That is why I say life is like a flower. It is not only beautiful, but it is full of worth and treasure which we can’t compare its value with any precious things. I'm not just talking about myself; I'm referring to the lives of all mankind. Because of the happiness we see with our eyes, the life of someone, and the life we have experienced is different from the sky and the earth. The eyes that always see the life of others as beautiful always see their own life as hollow, dull, and without fragrance but forget that this earth, this sky, and the breaths that everyone takes are the same. This place is the common denominator of all human beings. On this earth, some people enjoy life by making it colorful, dancing, having fun, while others are just spectators. So, we are artists, we live our lives according to our art, we live our lives as audiences as well depending on what we can by our own abilities. To see life as a flower or a thorn depends on one's eyes, understanding, thinking, and way of life that you live.

When we become unhappy just by remembering the sorrow and pain, then we feel that life is stuck in the thorns, but when we forget all the pains and dream a new hope of happiness, then we know the real passion of life. It is hard to imagine anyone's life without sorrow, pain and suffering. But, it is not meant that everyone is entangled among the thorns, stuck in a cup of despair. People who are facing thousands of difficulties today can dream of tomorrow with the full of joy. They can forget today's sorrows and rejoice with new dreams, lead life to a new garden of flower and decorate their world with everlasting happiness. They are the ones who are successful.

So, it is up to you to make life a flower or a thorn. Neither wealth nor name, fame, and popularity can play a role in decorating this beautiful life except yourself and your thought. When the mind is cleansed, the world we see becomes beautiful, the earth becomes green, and life comes in our eyes a blooming flower. So even in every lack and difficulty, when we are patient, we love and care to everyone, the strain and sorrows inside us go away by themselves. Let’s think we are responsible to make this world beautiful for everyone. This air, this earth, this soil is not only for me but for all of us. Let us all exercise our rights equally and share the fair values of happiness and joy together. We can preserve the feeling of love and harmony and spread the joy to everyone if we build our spirit together. Try not to be discouraged by the happiness of others but try to be a balm to the sorrows of others. Then we will find life in a garden of everlasting flowers and we will be able to live happily ever after in the same beautiful garden that no one can take away or steal. The end

Written by Indira Chongbang 08/19/2020


Durga Nembang said...

The article is based on the romanticism movement of English literature which deals with the human welfare and mirth. It reflects the surrealim and fantacy of human kind. Thanks for diaspora author Indira who composed this magnum opus and hope for another fruitful article.

Durga Nembang
Pachthar Nepal

Indira Chongbang said...

Thank you Durga Ji,

For your precious time for reading and making a beautiful comment on it.