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Saturday, September 24, 2016

There is always room for improvement !

Yesterday is already gone and we can’t make any changes to that, but we can make our today more beautiful, more meaningful, more productive than yesterday. And we can always have an opportunity
Shree Narayani Higher Secondary School, Sanghu-4, Taplejung
to make our tomorrow even better than today. Each moment could be an opportunity if we can grab that which could create a new value in life. We can count our each day as of our pile of life experience. Whatever the moment we have been spending, we have to keep in mind that there is always a better day ahead and better things on the way to come.

Following are the tips and treat for ourselves. That gives the values and meaning of life and make us more comfortable, happier,  nicer and better than what we are deserving today. Let’s grab them maintaining our core habit of life:

Learning  lessons from every moment

Every moment of life is one of the lessons that we can learn. We are not perfect by ourselves, but we have to realize our weakness and have to give them room for improvement. We have to identify our weakness and figure out the way of improvement for the future. Therefore, we can take every moment that we are spending now is one of the lessons that we are learning.

Taking the feedback from friends and family

Self-assessment is one of the best ways to identify the strength and weakness. Moreover, taking the feedback from friends and family members surroundings us, help us for reflecting the weakness that needs to be addressed in order to improve and we have to work out for that.


Reading books, newspapers, journals provide a new information every day. We can strengthen our knowledge and skills and we can empower by itself reading all of the information either books or news. If we want to improve ourselves, we have to make a habit of reading whatever is available with us at our spare time.

Identifying self-blind spot

We have many things with us that we ourselves couldn’t reach by our mind or thought. Blind spot means the hidden space that we have, but we are not aware of that. Finding our hidden ability to do something, our skill that we haven’t identified yet or our matter that annoy us whenever it bangs with us. Identifying those hidden spots within us gives us a lot of opportunities to improve in our future. We will be aware of our hidden ability that can be useful for making something different as well knowing something that makes us feel bad help figure out dealing with them in a proper manner.

Staying focus

We might encounter with different kinds of fluctuations in our lives that could divert our attention and take us far away from our daily routine of life. Instead of allowing us affected by many distractions
we have to keep us ourselves focus toward our goal that could be either short term or long term but beneficial for us if we stick with them.

Reaching to the people who hate us

We don’t only encounter with the people who like us and love us all the time. We may encounter with the several people in life who hate us and dislike us. It is easy to hate people instead of loving them. If we hate them back, life will be ruined and the relationship ends on the edge. Rather than hating them back in return of theirs hate, we have to prepare ourselves to give them love, compassion, and empathy. Which one day could change the attitude of someone’s who has a negative feeling, but every human being has a heart and there is always a space for the improvement. Loving and caring for the people do not only improve us, but also change the heart and the feeling of people who have been adversely influenced.

Making the commitment to our life

We have different hobby within us. We have to let them grow and make a commitment doing as per our hobby within a certain period of time. Making a commitment to certain purpose of life give us an opportunity to improve our present and direct us to the betterment and more precious time in the future. We can also identify our new set of goal or hobby if we don't have anything in mind and have to make the commitment to achieve them.