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Monday, October 23, 2017

FIWNA added a layer in the history, celebrating Tihar

With the light of Candles  as a hope of a brighter future and flower as a symbol of spreading the love among the humanity, Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America (FIWNA ) added a layer in the history celebrating one of the major festivals of Nepal Tihar which is celebrated with different names
Group picture by Khusbu Pun
Tihar, Dipawali, and Bali hang Tangnam in Limbu community one of the indigenous people of Nepal.

"Together we are, we can make a difference", keeping this notion in mind FIWNA has been celebrating the major festivals of Nepal in order to honor the motherland from where we began our journey. It is the occasion to remember our country to remind all of the people in the foreign land about the nation and childhood where everyone enjoyed with the Deusi Bhaili singing a song recalling the history of the festival. A long history is connected with this festival where a king Balihang was about to die, but due to his popularity, his people wanted to keep him alive and won the victory over the death. At that auspicious occasion, people started to celebrate this Tihar.

Chief guest Binod Pomo honoring Sangita Chhochoon and former DIG Parbati Thapa
On that auspicious occasion, the host general secretary of the organization Bandana Rai requested to lit the candles to the eldest woman and the chief guest one of the founders and former Vice President of Federation of Indigenous People of Nepal in America (FIPNA) Binod Pomo. Pomo is also one of the initiator and supporter of this organization since its establishment expressed his pleasure seeing this unity and growth during his address. " FIWNA has been doing such an amazing job but I wish it would grow more to empower all the women of the world"; he said.The Vice President of the organization Indira Chongbang had welcomed all the participants with the gratitude, giving short history and reasons for that celebration. " We are united together for our common goal regardless of our differences and we are dedicated creating new activities uniting all and empower the indigenous women of Nepal in America in near future"; She assured.

During the same time,  FIWNA honored its supporters for their contributions in various ways; adviser former DIG of Nepal Parbati Thapa, the dance directors Sanghita Chochoon and Bijaya Nakarmi and the president of a heavenly path Suku Rai with transferring the gratitude and respect. The chief guest Binod Pomo took part to honor them with Pashmina shawls. The president of Sangsangai Natasha Wozniak also shared her experiences and expressed her pleasure for finding the real women of Nepal in Nepal in America in this situation. " I am so proud to find all of you in this platform", she explained for several reasons.

The joint vailini song  was sang by the team which is a way to ask the blessings from brothers and sisters.
At the end, the president of FIWNA Sangini Rana formally dismissed the program expressing thanks for all the guests and participants for their contributions and supports. She also explained about why women should understand their own dignity and value thinking deeply. " We have to think who we are and what we are supposed to considering our role and responsibilities in this world", she said. Everyone enjoyed the delicious foods with the varieties of potlucks before departing for home.