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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

FIWNA Hosts Successful Annual Picnic and Barbecue in New York with Local Leaders and Community Representatives

The Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America (FIWNA) successfully hosted its annual picnic and barbecue event in New York, attended by local politicians and representatives from various organizations.

Prominent attendees included New York State Senator John Liu, Assembly Member Steven Raga, and South Asian Coordinator for the Mayor's Office, Eric Adam Sukurani Raghurandan. In their remarks, they praised the contributions of Nepali indigenous women in America. FIWNA President Indira Chongbang addressed the gathering, outlining the organization's mission and objectives.

The event, designed to promote goodwill, provide entertainment, and build new relationships, received support from several associations. Notable participants included Federation of Indigenous People of Nepal in America ( FIPNA)’s Executive President Tul Bahadur Tamang, Tamu Gurung Society of America President Om Gurung, Kirat Yakthung Chumlung President Deepak Thebe, Vice Presidents Bibash Mangmu and Saroj Thangden, former President of Kirat Rai Society of America’s New York Chapter Bharati Rai, Central Vice President of United Kirat Rai Association (UKRA) Keshab Ram Rai, UKRA New York Chapter President and FIPNA’s Vice President Mamta Rai, Tharu and Friends Society Senior Vice President and FIPNA’s General Secretary Deepak Chaudhary, Minority Empowerment President Shyam Karki, Hami Nepali Global New York Chapter President Birendra Jung KC, former Tamang Society of America’s President Sanumaya Tamang, Hello America Director Kishor Subba, and cameraman Samrat Karki.

A team led by Kirklyn Escondo,  program Coordinator from the New York City Department of Health, set up an information table to raise awareness about mental health within the Nepali community.

President Chongbang coordinated the event, which featured traditional Nepali cuisine and cultural performances. Shanti Jirel, a member of the organization, welcomed attendees. The event also included various games for children and adults, with prizes awarded to the winners. Former General Secretary Bandana Rai, General Secretary Indu Lamichhane, and member Aabha Shrestha coordinated these activities.

President Chongbang emphasized the importance of male participation in the women-organized event. She expressed her gratitude to all contributors, participating organizations, media personnel, and attendees for their roles in the event's success, concluding the program on a positive note.

Friday, January 5, 2024

The transformative power of forgiveness: A path to Self-Love and resilience

 Forgiveness, this word has a profound force that resonates in every facet of our lives, holds the key to unlocking a brighter future and happiness.  Human beings are imperfect, we are bound to make mistakes, stumble through missteps, and bear the weight of guilt and regret. However, the ability to forgive oneself is a pivotal step towards self-love and personal growth.

In the tapestry of our lives, the past year may be embroidered with errors and misjudgments. Yet, dwelling on these blunders only serves to anchor us in a sea of negativity. The remedy lies in forgiving

ourselves, shedding the burden of guilt, and allowing self-love to blossom. By embracing forgiveness, we pave the way for a renewed focus on our career, happiness of our family, and life goals.

Similarly, the external world may not always treat us kindly. People, intentionally or unintentionally, may inflict wounds upon us through hurtful words, actions, or betrayal. The natural response might be to carry the weight of resentment, worry, and anger. However, the true liberation lies in the art of forgiveness.

By forgiving those who have caused us pain, we break free from the chains of negativity that bind us. The act of forgiveness doesn't condone the wrongdoing but rather sets us on a path to resilience and strength. Dwelling on past grievances only serves to dampen our spirits, leaving us in a perpetual state of sadness. In contrast, forgiveness allows us to remain focused, happy,  emotionally robust and resilient.

Therefore, I implore you to cultivate the habit of forgiving yourself and others. It is a profound and transformative act that holds the potential to heal wounds, mend relationships, and foster personal well-being. In the grand tapestry of life, forgiveness weaves a vibrant thread that enhances the fabric of our existence. Embrace the liberating power of forgiveness, and watch as it shapes a brighter, more joyous future for yourself and those around you.

This is my new years resolutions and I am forgiving myself for my mistakes that I made in the past and forgiving the outer forces who intentionally hurt me or made the mistake. This results me to hold my happiness alive and to foster and grow my career in the days to come. 

Presented in capacity building virtual workshop


Sunday, August 27, 2023

A Canadian Adventure

Date 08/27/2023

Our long-awaited vacation had finally arrived, and this year, we chose Canada as our destination. The main reason for this choice was the arrival of my sister's little one earlier in the year. I was eager to see how my nephew was doing and also to reconnect with an old friend who had moved to Canada after leaving the United States.

Shorebreeze Lake view

Upon our arrival in Canada, we were greeted by the stunning view of downtown Toronto from our vacation home. The place was not only nice but also boasted breathtaking views that left us in awe. We wasted no time capturing these moments with photos and simply relishing the joy of being in a new place. After our travel fatigue had settled, we took a well-deserved rest to prepare for the adventures that awaited us.

Our first full day in Canada was dedicated to exploring the iconic CN Tower in Toronto, a historic landmark that never fails to amaze. It was a day filled with family fun and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of this towering structure.

On the third day, we embarked on an excursion to Niagara Falls. The sheer power and beauty of the falls were a sight to behold, leaving us all in awe of nature's grandeur. The memory of that day will forever be etched in our minds.

At Niagara Falls

The fourth day was reserved for a visit to the Toronto Aquarium and a stroll through the vibrant streets of Chinatown. One of the highlights of the day was trying out Chinese hot pot soup, a unique dining experience where we had to prepare the meal ourselves. It was a delightful adventure for our taste buds.

Our fifth day in Canada was a serene one. We decided to explore the natural beauty close to our vacation home by taking a leisurely walk along the lakeside. Being surrounded by the tranquility of nature was a welcome contrast to the bustling city life we had experienced earlier in the trip. In the afternoon, we treated our kids to a visit to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), where they reveled in a multitude of games and fun activities. We adults had our share of enjoyment too, spending some quality time in a bar sipping Spanish iconic DG and other drinks.

Meeting with Chanda

Though our vacation in Canada was relatively short, it was undeniably remarkable. We had the chance to bond as a family, witness breathtaking landmarks, savor unique cuisine, and create lasting memories. It was a trip that left us yearning for more adventures in this beautiful country, and we departed with hearts full of gratitude and a promise to return someday.