Sunday, March 31, 2019

The importance of proximity in relationship

Every relationship has a choking, poking and hurting but the best thing to hold each other in the relationship is that which generate the proximity of warmth to survive even in the coldest weather and incredible support to keep the life moving on.

One of the beautiful stories about the relationship is a porcupine. Once upon a time, there was severe cold weather due to snow and ice all the animals were about to die. The group of porcupine decided to stay closer in the group so the heat generated from their body could create enough warmth for them to survive.

Every one of them had spiky quills which hurt each other and made very difficult to stay close because that quills were choking them badly. They had only two options either stay apart and die or tolerate the little choking and hurting to survive. They decided to choose the second option and gathered in the close form so that they became able to survive. The little wounds in their body due to the spiky quills were eventually worth it to live the beautiful life getting a new life once again.

This little story is just an example of every relationship. No one is made perfect for each other. Everyone has a shortcoming and flaw or differences which are like spiky quills which may hurt and discomfort in the relationship. We fight each other in the group because of the same reason our opinions or unique quality could choke others, it may hurt others' feeling but after all it worth a lot.  Tolerating the little pain and gaining a huge knowledge is a wise choice in life. Putting aside our difficulties to workout with the difference we will be able to survive and create a new way to move on.

We can be prickly so often and could offend our loved ones; but, the beautiful part of tolerating all that offenses and pain is the new beginning of our life as we are learning from other every day. Without accepting those pain and pressure we could go into the isolation which is one of the biggest diseases which drive to the depression and end our life at the end. Let's live life accepting the differences and making our life beautiful and happier in the end.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

After passing a new test!

Life is the synonym of the test. When we pass the one, other stands by on its side and should be ready to face. I have passed the numerous test in the lives I might have failed and passed many of them, but have never lost the hope. I have recently succeeded another exam of my life becoming the mother for the second time. I thought the second baby would come easier than the first one as I had been experienced about the process. I assumed I could tolerate all the pain so the nervousness would fly away into the horizon just teasing that fearful past. Contrary to that expectation, I was mingled with a mixture of excitement, fearful, joy, and uncertainties.

It was the November second, which was Friday and had decided to go to the office as the last day prior to my maternity leave because November 4th was my due date one of the happiest days of the life while my second child Lilim was stepping into this world. I was growing the little excitement along with the fear. You know the reason for the first as I explained, but the reason for the second one also you may speculate. I had little doubt of failure, giving the birth naturally as what I had decided and was a little scared if something had happened to me what would be going to my little four-year son Mukkum. Early in the morning, I stepped out of the door to the hospital deciding to go to the office after my thirty minutes of Non-Stress Test. But during that test, I was told that I had been contracting and it was prohibited to work during that time. They transferred me to the labor department.

Developing fear though was happy, hoping my little one would arrive before the predetermined date. But it turned to in vain as I was sent to the home in the evening asking me to come back only if I got the strongest pain ever. The doctors had given me the chance for natural birth as per my decision and gave me to try two more days passing the due date. Most probably, it should have given to me the blessing by the almighty god to have the safe travel of my little one with the cesarean. I was encouraged to be the strongest by myself to face that challenge ahead but I started shivering when they confirmed the procedure and took me operating theatre.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Together you are, stronger you will be

Together we are stronger will be, that is why it is important to have family, friends and loved ones. Though it is very hard to maintain the relationship with the people with a different idea, belief, and perception. It is difficult to make the long-lasting relationship because each individual is different in
this world. Only the compromising, understanding and broadening the mind may save the relationship to keep alive for a lasting phase of life. We have to respect our feeling and think good of oneself, but it shouldn't in the level of arrogance and believe that I am the superior to whatever other around me. If you believe you are only the hero and supreme creator, it will be very hard to sustain a relationship.

Working out to maintain the relationship is not easy in the modern ages. As per the American data; it shows that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and separation. A couple starts their life with the love, compassion, and commitment to walk together but everything doesn't go in the same ways as what they dream because of their level of understanding, the level of education and their family background where they have grown up matter a lot in their relationship. It is difficult to change the people, but it is true, we need to change ourselves first. It is only me who can bring the peace of mind, compromising and believing oneself despite the adversities and unfavorable time the day is on its way to shine. I can't force my spouse to work at what I desire and it is not easy to change the people's perception and attitude.