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Sunday, March 12, 2017

FIWNA notion to " Be Bold for Change" .107th International Women Day celebration.

Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America (FIWNa) celebrated 107th International Women's Day organizing an interaction program with the international theme " Be Bold for Change". The community leaders and the members of the different Nepalese organization participated in that

event with the excitement and enthusiasm to change this world being a Bold giving the
exemplary roles of women who have been playing every day and addressed that a woman is not only a beggar but a component of the human being with a power and confidence to make a difference in this world.

Lusing Waiba, the president of the FIPNA( Federation of Indigenous people of Nepal in America) said; " Women can be bold in the practical life as it is unavoidable to suppress them in daily life and we can't imagine the life without them".  "Every human being survives and exists in the world because of the women"; he added in his speech.  He wished the victory and success of the women for upcoming days on his short speech.

The Vice President of NRN NCC of USA Bandana Koirala said; She has been bold since her childhood and has been following the same sentiment, calling all the women's to join with her for the sentiment of boldness. " I have raised with the family where I made my own decision and even didn't change my way with my parents if I didn't think that was right. I am bold and I always do the right things strongly. I request you all come with me to be bold", she said.

The program was divided into the two sections. The general secretary of the FIWNA Bandana Rai hosted the first formal program as the Vice President Indira Chongbang addressed all the participants with a short welcome speech. The second half was the most interactive with the presence of the experienced and successful women who have been participating the CSW session 61 at United Nation Headquarters. The advisor of the FIWNA the former DIG of Nepal shared her life experiences of success and hosted the second half of the interaction program.

The CSW participants representing the various indigenous and non indigenous women of Nepal were honored and welcomed to that program. Shanta Laxmi Shrestha who representing CSW from Beyond Beijing Committee shared her experiences and presented the women's scenario of Nepal and the women's rights in the constitution. " Many changes have happened due to the bold women in Nepal such as in the new constitution women also can grant her child's citizenship, still a lot of things need to be addressed", she said.

The draft committee member of a Nepal interim constitution of 2063 Advocate Chhatra Gurung also presented about how we women can work for our community and why it is important in America. She had served  for a long time as an advocate and activist for Indigenous people since the beginning of her life, she talked about the legal provision and procedures of America which are quite necessary to understand by each individual  who has been living in the United State, " I am proud we all have been bold enough that's the reason we are here today and move forward again in the future", she said.

The activist and president of NIWF Chinimaya Majhi  also arrived in the program who is also participating in the CSW program. Other participants of CSW from Nepal;   Sita Ghimire, Shandhya Shrestha etc contributed their great speech with the notion of how to be bold and contribute to the motherland Nepal sharing their experience and thoughts. The program was formally ended after the brief speech of President Sangini Rana with thanking all the participants and for making it a grand success.