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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Betrayal

Story Written By Jiban Phombo
Translated and edited by Indira Chonbang

The betrayal

There was a big tree in the middle of the huge jungle where a couple of birds had been residing in a nest since they had married. It had been an age, they were living together, but they haven't felt any shortage on their love. Their passion was in the same level and had been enjoying the momentum of their life every day. The wife was beautiful and younger than the husband. As thousands of other
birds were there in the jungle the husband had a fear in his mind whether his wife would fly with other younger birds leaving him alone one day.   In order to protect their love he had been hiding that within himself.

He couldn’t keep that secret long and brought that out to her wife one day and said; " Darling you are beautiful and young, thousands of birds are flying in the sky that are younger than me. Sometimes, I scare whether you will leave me alone one day flying away with them".

This saddened his wife, which appeared on her face. She had never suspected her husband had that doubt inside. She loved him so much and she didn't have such things in her mind. With full of tears in her eyes, she replied; " Darling how do you dare talk to me that way? I don't believe that is you. I have borne this life only for you doesn’t matter what you are, I am abided for you. We are made for each other, can't replace your place even someone who could be millions times gorgeous than you."

She tried to peruse  him by words but still he didn't smile. He looked like he was emotionally sick because of that distress that he had dwelt in his mind and thought. " Just assume I am going away from you, can't you cover me with your wings and stop from going?”  She asked the bird.  "Probably I could stop your physical body, but I don't see any meaning and value on that if your souls would have gone away from me." He said and made his face away. She broke down and her heart split into pieces for being unable to assure her husband. Then she cut her wings so she couldn't fly anymore and her beauty would destroy then none of other birds put their eyes on her.

The husband bird was persuaded of what she did for their love and knew that her love was true and selfless. He committed to bring the food in the nest and both of them used to have together. They were spending their days happily swapping the love and amusing to each other with a stunning and sweetest gossip. One day unexpectedly the black clouds appeared in the sky with a symptom of thunderstorms and winds. The wife asked her husband to leave the place as he had wings and could fly. She requested him to go away and save his life. The bird flew away saying her to take care herself.

She hadn't expected he could leave her alone and behave that way. She was badly wounded and it was so tough to bear that moment. She shouted a lot bringing all her pain outside. None was there to hear her. Someone whom she loved the most had already flown away. Only the empty trees and air were whispering her silently being the witness of her true love. After the weather comes back to normal the husband returned to the nest but at the time he found only lifeless body of his wife. He felt guilty realizing  at that moment she had been disable to prove her true love. She had left a letter  upon her lifeless body, he opened and read that.


I hope God will return you back to have this opportunity to meet my last voices of this life. If you had only told me you couldn't leave me alone, I didn't have to die before the thunderstorm. You betrayed me and ran away during the hard time. You forgot the reason why I was unable to fly with you. Despite your betrayal, I still love you so much. My love is true and pure. I didn't love you because of the hope of your love in return. You have to live many years and I am going away adding my remaining age for you. I wish you would live this life happily. My wishes and love will remain with you forever.

Your loving wife
Bird without wings


कुङ्बा कान्छा said...

Really heart touching story💔💔💔💔 said...

Thanks 🙏 Hajur