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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Our life is the most precious gift in this world.

“Life is so precious! Live with love, joy, happiness, and abundance.”

― Debasish Mridha

Life is the most precious gift that we have to live and spend the beautiful moment in this world. Things can’t go well, the bad situation may hit or like this pandemic of corona virus gives time, regardless of those situation we are the healer, we are the winner because we can fight with anything that comes against our way. Our hope for betterment, our determination to enjoy the life and our strength to cope with the bad time are the real healer and controller of the mind and thoughts. Many people in the world

The view point of Astoria Park, NY

have lost their lives in this battle but some people lose their hope and leave this life by their own effort. This is the saddest ones to defeat in life and use own effort to go away.

I can face millions of hurdle, billions of problems but I can’t be coward on that extend because I understand how beautiful my life is, how precious my life and I know why I am born here in this world. Our life is the most precious gift and we always can enjoy this short span of life and spend the beautiful moment with full of joy and abundance. Happiness doesn’t come from the outside sources rather it comes from the mind and thoughts. We have to build it inside us, nourish us and have to plant inside of our mind to grow. We have to plant the seeds of happiness inside us, have to grow it watering and nursing it everyday. I can’t change the world if I am not happy by myself. I can’t help the people who need support if I am not strong by myself.

It is very important for each person to foster and grow oneself first. Without the inner strength of oneself, it is tough to make this world a better and safer place. That is why I understand my value in this world, you can let the people know how precious our life is, when you are strong then you can support to the people who are in need.

Life is not that easy and not that hard,  but if we are optimistic and positive only the beautiful things come in our mind. Our dream may ruin on its way but we can always have a choice in life to dream a new one, to find the another path and to seek the alternative in life. When somethings go away which is beyond our control, let it be and don’t be serious on what happened on the past. We can always assume ourselves in the beautiful garden where we can pick up many flowers as per our choice. 

We are the in charge of our own life and should live with the respect, dignity, and love.

The road to success is difficult but not impossible if we take an action and take a tiny step each day. Positive mind and thought always potrait the best things that is how I always see my brighter future /ahead, the beautiful dream ahead and believe that I have born to life the life with victory and abundance not to live in the poor thoughts and negative mentality. Our life is full of potential and unlimited happiness no matter what kind of difficulties, hardships, and problems come on our way. If we keep on trying to do a little effort, we will be a winner of tomorrow and regardless of what day we have today, the delighted space and the piece of heaven will be waiting for us to kiss.

That is why, I keep on dreaming no matter how many of them die on their way. One may end today but I can create a new one again for tomorrow. Someone may hurt me today, but I will be free of tensions tomorrow. Some door may close for me but I believe the better exit is waiting for me to enter. If the relationship ends with someone it doesn't mean I am ending now and it doesn’t mean the sky is falling. I am always open and strongest creature in the world, who can build many more beautiful things for me and for my loved ones. All of these came to me when I think our life is the most precious gift in this world. Let's join the hand together to make our life happier, prettier and to make this world better place for everyone!

By Indira Chongbang