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Monday, July 27, 2020

Change yourself in the first place

“By behaving elegantly, you inspire others to behave elegantly; by behaving rude, you invite others to behave rude! You change others when you change yourself!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Change is a crucial part of life and unavoidable by itself.  We have to accept the changes in every aspect, and it is required to make things better than what we have today. We always try to change others and seek better aspects from others but forget to change ourselves. Better things happen in our life only once we start changing ourselves first. We expect the better place, better earth, and need the changes that should come in this world but, which is not possible by itself if we don’t change first our

Shree Higher Secondary School Sanghu, Taplejung
attitude, our behavior, and habits of treating this world.  The first place of change needs to come in our own mind and thought. We should allow it in our own garden of mind and should plant the seed of kindness, favors, support, forgiveness, and humanity. If we believe people should respect us, then we should start respecting them in the first place.  It is always beyond my control to change the people but, I could change myself first to change them. It should come from my heart otherwise I couldn’t make anything better. Changing the people’s is the toughest job unless you change by yourself

One of the popular leaders of India, Mahatma Gandhi (Great soul) has said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. That means whatever the changes we are looking for in this world to see we must start first cultivating in our life. If we want to end the corruption in the world, we must apply in our own endeavors. If you want the people to be kind and generous, you should be an example being kind and generous first to them. If you want to have peace in the world, you should start creating a peaceful life in your own individual life first.

It is difficult to start oneself, but each individual willingness to change creates power and inspires the other to follow them.  We may face criticism while inviting a new change in our society or to change the existing norms and traditional values but it is necessary for the betterment and we should be able to cope with the critique and despair.  According to the Newton law of motion, everything remains in uniform motion unless the external force is applied there. That is why social existence is a kind of motion and people there believe in that same thing that is already existed. Without external force, it remains at the same pace, none of the development comes there and if anything, new happens it is extremely hard to adopt that changes.

If the human being did not adopt the changes, we would have stayed in the cave. But, we are here today as in the advanced society because of the changes that came into our life. Due to the development of technology, our lives have been easier than earlier.  We can communicate with the people around the world sitting inside a room. We can see the world from one corner watching the news. That is why change is always exciting and it is worth making the difference in this world. To make this world better than what we have now, we need to bring the changes in every aspect of our life. As a human being, everyone has a responsibility to take part in taking care of the environment, caring and sharing among the people, sharing the love and happiness, and spreading the respect and gratitude being kind to each other.

We should always remember the roles of great people who contributed to this world. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abram Lincoln are the example of change-maker in this world and their name will be never erased in history. Even though we are ordinary people, can take a little step-changing our own manner. Giving them love and respect to people, sharing the joys and happiness among us as possible. We are looking to have a better environment, better jobs, better drinking water, and a better way of living our lives which is possible if start a little step of change from our end first. In order to have better law and order in the nation, the existing one should be changed and has to implement the new one.
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Anonymous said...

Indiraji your thoughts are inspirational to be a good human and to create a better society. Keep inspiring!! Aloha !

Durga Nembang said...

The change is the global culture.In the movevement of different era the neo-classical era is the preliminary changes of human being in different fields. But in the phase of changing ourselves we should never forget the primordial aspect of human civilization. I agree your dynamic article.let's start change ourselves hitherto to change other without forgetting primordial th

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your beautiful comments.
I truly follow and agree with your thoughts.