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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Inspire your life to live

Frustration is an state of mind that we suffer in life due to various circumstances when we are deprived from our desired goal or prevented from something we want that drag us to that emotional stage. Life is not what we think and what we want to have, it is full of mystery. We have to face a lot of fluctuations sometime it is difficult to cope with them. But, if you are the one having those, you are not alone. People don’t reach the destination without failing in their lives which is the stairs opened to go up. A lot of reasons  direct to that state of mind having them in life. But, if we ignore our frustration, it results us to the depression that causes serious problems and need a lot of efforts to overcome. Therefore, if we feel we are frustrated due to loosing hope or something going wrong on our way, we have to resolve them and think about taking care from them before serious problem arrives.
Dream of Sky!!

Sometimes when we are  in the transitional phase looking for a job after graduation and can’t find a job what we are looking for its really frustrating to us. No matter how hard we try, that doesn’t work at all and bring that situation to us. Same things happen to those who are changing careers and going back to work after some years of gap. So, friends ! if you are one of them; let's discuss how to overcome from those states of mind. One of the most important things is to inspire your life. There is none in the world who comes to you and help you to get out of the pond, so think yourself the one who have lived not only for your sake but for all the people around you. This thinking may help you who you are? Where are you ? And why your presence is important for other people.

Try to be an important part of your family, community and if you want to go beyond that think about your country and more wider the world  where you are living. If you don't have a job, don't lose your hope, keep on  faith yourself and don’t give up searching within your network, Internet or wherever possible ways you can find. At this hard time just try to limit your expenses. Many of them come from our mind thinking this and that to buy, try to limit your budget because you know yourself you are under the economic hardship. Don't empty your mind, if something negative comes to you, pull up a pen and paper start writing your feelings right away.  Always keep in mind that a pen and paper is one of the closest friend than someone to share your feeling either it is good or bad.  We don’t always have favorable time to share  our feelings that come in our mind with someone we believe. It's better to discuss about something that really matters a lot with your friends or family, but at some point we can't talk with them and it's thousands times better to write rather than hiding inside of you. It's one of the possible way to ease your pain and comfort your frustration. Consequently, don't waste your time chatting with strangers rather be engaged with whatever jobs you can do at home. Clean your house, wash clothes, prepare food so you can help yourself and your family. Love yourself taking care of yourself. If you keep on thinking what you don’t have now it won’t help you much to have that. So, divert your mind doing something important by yourself. 

One other way is don’t be dependent on your thought even though you have to be by some reason. If you have someone  to share your pain, pressure and happiness try not to be contingent all the time. We never know what people think about us, if you keep on telling all of your truth guess what ?? Sometime you may hurt him/ her by accident at that time that will be your weakness to take advantage of you. In addition, even if you think it's better to share ideas and feeling with someone but never share all of them. You have to control yourself and trap some of your feelings within you because you are only the one who can judge yourself. Don't let the people judge your weakness, try to be pride yourself. It doesn't mean to be isolated, but it's very difficult to find someone selfless  in this world. Be very careful and stay alert with strangers. Find yourself, you are  yourself is an important compliment , and just think of it how to take advantage of the surroundings but never let them to take advantage of you. Mentor your life through research, find the salvation inside of you. Your soul mate is not someone who give you company for a while but that is yourself. Ask your soul every time when you start something, whether it is good or bad. Keep your hand on your heart to figure out whether it is letting you do or not. Even you are with your loved one, only the selfless soul mate is the one which is inside of you.

We are always in the mood of getting something that we seriously need it, but it doesn’t happen as we want. But, ’don’t be hopeless in a hard time and also don’t entertain much in happiness because none of them stay permanent in one life. God is waiting to see your patience how much you have. So, don’t give up your hope in life. If you have difficulties in your life, you will definitely have a better life tomorrow. You have to have patience, dedication and devotion  in life to grab any opportunities that please you eventually. If you really have bad feeling of not accomplishment as per your thought, do yoga, meditation and physical exercise and stay focused on your goal. You can dance to have fun and entertain by yourself, listen favorite TV show, movie and drama rather wasting your time in vain. Those ways really reassure you to resume your strength back to you and help you to reach your destination. Those are very important ways that ease to move forward and heal your frustration and reach you the dream of sky. Good luck!!