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Friday, October 20, 2017

How the hard work pays him back

He has never gone to the school in his life, neither took any informal education, but he debuts his life landing to the land of an opportunity in the United State. He started his job in New York City in an Indian
Gomba Sherpa on his way to work
courier company as a messenger where he had to talk with many people in English and Hindi. He was able to understand a little bit Hindi but it has been just enough to understand the conversation between two and most of them were just assumptions not more than that.

Gomba Sherpa, who has been popular among the Nepalese community serving the people for delivering the parcels had started his journey after he joined DTDC. He remembers his days during the beginning of his life in New York City without understanding English not sufficiently Hindi neither could read what was posted on the board. His job was involved in delivering and picking up the shipments from different companies who wanted to ship their stuff within the United State and around the world for both business and individual purposes. One day was the terrible day when he slammed his handcart on a car when he was in rush. The car owner called the Police and stopped him on the road, but he couldn't understand what they said even couldn't describe it as just an accident. They held him for almost 30 minutes, but he couldn't explain that was not his purpose because he was unable to speak English, eventually, they released him from their custody.

He has been still working as a messenger in the same courier company DTDC for a decade-long but his life has completely changed not only because he became permanent on his job rather he has learned to speak English and Hindi very well despite it is a little hard to write. Moreover, his hard work has paid him back as he is not only an employee of that company but one of the biggest customers who earn more than what he earns as his salary.

He doesn't care either it is late night or weekends, but keep on serving the people by picking up the parcels and delivering among the Nepalese and Indian communities. It is his own project that he works as an agent. He works very hard regardless of his education and other factors.  He deliberates the lessons, how hard work pays back to the people in their lives. He doesn't have regrets, neither frustrations rather he is enjoying his job and his own business. It is a matter of proudness among all human beings and teaches us the true lesson of how hard work, dedication, and continuation reward the people back at the end.