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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The importance of proximity in relationship

Every relationship has a choking, poking and hurting but the best thing to hold each other in the relationship is that which generate the proximity of warmth to survive even in the coldest weather and incredible support to keep the life moving on.

One of the beautiful stories about the relationship is a porcupine. Once upon a time, there was severe cold weather due to snow and ice all the animals were about to die. The group of porcupine decided to stay closer in the group so the heat generated from their body could create enough warmth for them to survive.

Every one of them had spiky quills which hurt each other and made very difficult to stay close because that quills were choking them badly. They had only two options either stay apart and die or tolerate the little choking and hurting to survive. They decided to choose the second option and gathered in the close form so that they became able to survive. The little wounds in their body due to the spiky quills were eventually worth it to live the beautiful life getting a new life once again.

This little story is just an example of every relationship. No one is made perfect for each other. Everyone has a shortcoming and flaw or differences which are like spiky quills which may hurt and discomfort in the relationship. We fight each other in the group because of the same reason our opinions or unique quality could choke others, it may hurt others' feeling but after all it worth a lot.  Tolerating the little pain and gaining a huge knowledge is a wise choice in life. Putting aside our difficulties to workout with the difference we will be able to survive and create a new way to move on.

We can be prickly so often and could offend our loved ones; but, the beautiful part of tolerating all that offenses and pain is the new beginning of our life as we are learning from other every day. Without accepting those pain and pressure we could go into the isolation which is one of the biggest diseases which drive to the depression and end our life at the end. Let's live life accepting the differences and making our life beautiful and happier in the end.