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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The big dreams

The big dreams always dictate you to have the best life. It gives you the encouragement, strength and motivation. Having a big dream in life is the wish to be something special, to do something different and the faith that you are moving and living to determine your own  value. It is very essentials to live a meaningful life. We always wait to see that our dreams may come to be true one day sooner or later bringing all the joy and happiness that we want. Life is full of surprises and  abundance once we grow the seeds of beautiful dreams in our garden . Without any dream, life will be a moonless night as today has no excitement without the hope of tomorrow.
The place where I born
Sanghu, Taplejung

People start dreaming once they grow and develop the sense of who they are. Everyone has a dream depending on who they are and what they want. The beautiful thing is that dreaming inspires people and keep them focused doing what they want in their life. Everyone faces the challenges to carry out their dreams.  Sometimes, our dream may destroy on its way without achieving it. It would be very tough  to deal that moment . But, as a human being, we have to have the capability to grow the seeds of new dream in our mind. Only one dream is not our entire life, we can cultivate alternative if something doesn’t work. As everything has a choice, we can always have an opportunity to dwell a new seed of hope and foster again.

Life is very short but, beautiful. Having a big dream doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be the president of the United State or else the richest person of the world. You can leave the beautiful memory in this earth even with your little effort to make this world a better place to everyone. If you really want to be the someone different definitely,  you can move your steps and win it. Regardless of your ambition, you can share the love and care to the people, you can give a free smile who are deprived from the happiness to see the joy in other’s face. You can extend your love and gratitude to everyone so they can feel your warmest love ever. It is very tiny but, it makes a lot of difference to the people and to the humanity of the world.

Keep dreaming, and focus on your goal to make it. In the meantime, don’t forget to share the joy that you have. Try to be the ointment for the people who have wounds and be the love of someone who are loveless. Be the reasons to be alive and give the meaning why you are born. This world is beautiful when we share and care to each other. We can stop breathing one day, why don’t you try to leave your greatest value here being honest, kind, forgiving and loving to the people surrounding you ?

Dream big trying to be the truest human being and spread the kindness as possible you can. This will add the insurmountable joy to your dream and give the meaning of being a human in this world.

The end