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Friday, August 31, 2018

Happiness is your choice

 “Happiness is always a choice. You can’t wait for the circumstances to get better. You have to create your own good fortune. So look for ways to be happy every day” Joel Osteen

It is your own choice to be happy or sad. If you choose to be happy nothing blocks in your way, the outer circumstances, your situations either good or bad don't matter to you. You take every difficulty apparently and can live your life happily. Many people believe that happiness comes with the success
or the way it comes only when they want to have in their lives. They get frustrated, disappointed, annoyed and live the life with suffering, guilt, anxiety with the expectation to turn the situations get better and prettier than what they have now.

But, the fact is, all of the outer circumstances are beyond our control. We can't change the situations that we have to face, we can't make our economic hardship better right away as everything needs to go certain procedures and we can’t change the bad person's behavior in favor to us as all of those are not under our control. Relating all of the outer circumstances in our personal lives and staying sad only seize away our happiness which is one of the most important hidden strength of a human being. Despite caring our tough time, bad relationships and economic hardship if we control our mind with the gratitude, respect and the hope, the happiness embrace us with the glory giving the power to win the world one day.

We can't change the people who want to hurt us, we can't change the outer environment which is bad, but only we are able to change in the first place is our mind, our attitude, our thinking and belief that matter the most in our life. Changing the belief into it is okay to have the hardship in life, to face the problems and difficulties considering everyone has to go throughout them make us feel happy and enjoy every moment. Only the one who is out of the pain and suffering is who is already gone away from this earth and his body is transferring into the mud or ashes otherwise every living creature face the variation in their life which try to seize the happiness if we don’t control our mind.

If something beyond our control, let's leave it and don't overreact to the situation. Every moment is precious in our life. Reacting the situation badly and madly only misuses the energy that we can utilize in the most productive and creative area of life. That is the way it is your choice either you want to be happy or sad today it is in your hand. Don’t blame the people whom you don’t like, don’t blame the situation which is unfavorable because you are only the one who can decide to react the circumstances by yourself and choose either to live the life happily or sadly.