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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The sense of acceptance

" I am fortunate to be alive. I have a precious human life. I am not going to waste it "

 Dalai Lama

The acceptance of the truth is the last stage of any situation before we go through, but life will be easier and more comfortable if we accept the truth of life. We have a hunger for success, the appetite for getting more and more, but whenever we have them on some level, we want them more again and
become frustrated, anxious and worried about the shortcomings and weakness that we belong. But if we accept the life how it is we can bring the joy, happiness, and admiration for the achievements what we have made in our lives so far.

The spiritual mind says the suffering and adversities are the opportunity to fill our lives to be blessed because everything happens in the life with a reason and if we comfort ourselves during the suffering we can convert them towards the joys of life. It is tough to bring the joy during the suffering and pain, but an acceptance of what all the human being goes through works as an ointment to heal our pain, pressure, and despair. No one is out of pain and suffering and every living being has to go through the adversities of life. We are sad and unhappy because we concentrate our thinking upon oneself, but when we widen our vision and look all around the people who are living in the world fighting with suffering then we will realize about the truth of the life.

We have to be grateful for the life we have received. We have to thank for being alive and for this opportunity to enjoy the life that we have. When we develop the gratitude for everything that we have in our lives which help us live our life with the joy and glory. Everything and every time don't favor in our way, but certainly, if we are thankful in advance for the time and for our life, what we have we will be filled with the blessings and bring the peace of mind.

Acceptance of the fact doesn't mean to make our life easier to make it painless and keep it without suffering rather we can turn our face to the turmoil and can accept it to fight with the truth. We have to accept every hardship and difficulties as a warp and woof of the life as the water ridges on the edge of the beaches. When we accept what is the life we have, not considering what it is supposed to be then we make our life beautiful, prettier and happier than what it is while reacting with the place, nature and people behavior which are against our wish.

Learning to be loving, compassionate, forgiving and gratitude in our life help us to accept the truth of life and live in peace. Of course, everyone has certain areas that need to be improved as no one in this world is made perfect, we can develop us every day. People who concentrate only me and myself seem miserable because they always believe that something lacking in their lives compared to the other people, but people who love the world, who care for all living being and think about others and to make this world better and safer place for everyone work hard to make others happy as they find the greatest joy accepting the truth of life and finding the smile in other faces.