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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Your birthday means a lot to me

The life always needs something new to fill it and it was like an empty pot before your arrival. The emptiness has been filled now after you came into this world. It is the greatest blessing of God to be the mom for the first time in life.  Despite sacrificing many dreams you are the one whom I love you
more than anything my Mukkum Hang. You have filled my life with the several colors, embraced me with the everlasting joy and happiness. I am so much proud to be your mom and enjoying every single moment of watching your milestones. I wanted to spend the whole day on your birthday, but something is always beyond our control which made me rush only at the end of the day to celebrate with you. I enjoyed when you were so happy with us while waiting for a surprise gift. You have been changed a little more than what you were last year. I still feel like yesterday when you cried while stepping into your first step in this world.

It was very tough for me to send to you to the daycare being apart almost ten hours a day, but as a human being, we have to perform our duties which are mandatory to be alive and to serve the world. My emotional thoughts snubbed me so hard for not being able to stay with you until you are able to
go to school, but it is not only you and me my sweetheart but million of mommies and kids like us in this world are also in the same boat. We are always blessed to be happy, cherish the joy regardless of our circumstances because our mind and heart is a stronger and better place to heal any kinds of difficulties. I am so happy because you have learned many things and getting smarter day by day.

When I feel tired, distracted and disappointed sometimes your pretty smile and loving words awaken me and vindicate me to resume my energy back to the normal level. You have been my strength, courage and everyday's dream to knit the new project of life. Despite facing many things we are one of the luckiest creatures in this world. I wish my blessings will fill you to blossom with the new vein of life to flourish everlasting joy and happiness.

I know we are blessed and will be faithful, to be surrounded by the beautiful and loving people around this globe. We will be together for many years more to celebrate your birthday with my baby!
 I am trying to be your best friend rather than only your parent. I like the way you talk to me and treat me as your best friend kidding your dad sometimes. I love your way of talking and behaving like a big man when you need something special and pretend to be the baby as you need to support from your mom. I wish we will enjoy this world, not ourselves, but also helping the people who need us. We may become able to spread the love, compassion and
happiness throughout the world being honest and responsible human being my Baby.

I wish you always a happy birthday and love you more and more every day my sweetheart.

Note: this piece is on the auspicious occassion of my son Mukkum's birthday of 09/06/2018 late update