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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

When you feel sad!

Life doesn't fill with colors, happiness, and joy all the times. You might feel sad, distracted, alone, frustrated and fearful. Of course, that is not only you and you are not alone in this world whom the
life examines frequently for some reasons or without any reasons. We are not alone, but everyone has to go through the different phases of life which sail sometimes to the beautiful garden but also drag to the hell without prior knowledge.

If you feel sad because you think you are alone, think the people who don't have a family and the loved ones and spend the time on the road.
Every relationship is temporary, every single companion is temporary, your life itself is not permanent. Take it easy if you are hurt because someone you loved moves away from your life or the ones whom you loved the most hates you now. Every action generates the reaction that makes you the victim of suffering, anguish, and sadness. But you have to take that you came into this world alone, the happiness you deserve because of other reasons make you sad, but if you can be happy with yourself no one can seize that away. Be bold and temperament with your feeling in the castle of your own imagination where you can live it to the full amount.

We always react to the people based on how they behave with us and always expect the best from them. Disregard what they do or don't do. Be honest, loving, caring, forgiving no matter they care your or not. Despite fighting with the people who are against you, always respect them, care for them and love them if you can if not ignore their time and live your own life. Work hard, do your best everything without expecting the return because the expectation always makes you sad if it comes against your wish.

The sadness is the cause of expectation when we want our loved ones to be with us, we want someone to care for us, we want to be surrounded by the people who are kind and generous. It doesn't happen as what we wish rather our loved ones don't love us, can't give companions when we wish and we could be surrounded by the numerous bad people who have the evil thoughts. We feel sad and very bad because our expectations don't meet in the real life. Realize that the world and the people are not ideal containers what we expect rather try to fit with this contaminated environment, tackling with the circumstances changing you from first to adjust whatever comes to you. You must face them, fight with them, but never give up the dream of your own life and never stop your journey no matter how hard it is and how bad it is. You are the brave ones and you can deserve your happiness by yourself despite having the adversities and suffering.