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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Every day is the new beginning of life

Every day is a new day which fills the happiness and new opportunities if we spirit for the betterment and positive thoughts. We have to clear out the impurities and negative thoughts which may poison our life forever. Let's take out the anger, hatred, jealousy to have a new room for new life. The new
 beginning of our life is on its way every day with the progress, prosperity, joy, a new relationship, and a new friendship which give new opportunities to have us in the better place.

Our life is like a container which has a huge space for love, compassion, empathy, and happiness. The reason why we can't enjoy our life is that we contaminate our heart with the rude, hater, jealousy and guilt. We if don't give them a place in our heart to worry, anguish and guilt we will be free from them. Letting them go away means making a space for the love, compassion, emotional well being and renewal of our every day with the new hope, new opportunities and excitement to enjoy the life that we have. You have to control your emotions by choosing the right things in the heart, giving the space for the valuable things removing the wastage and poison that kill our future.

It is easy to live the life with negative thoughts, worrying about the future and financial situations, but those are the virus of infections which destroy our life and hold us back forever. If we don't remove them; it let us stay in the darkroom ruining our progress and prosperity. Focus on the mistake and forgive yourself, as we know everyone makes mistakes in their lives. Forget the past and bitterness that happened. We don't have to pay the value of mistake, but if we believe we are progressive, forgiving and trying to be better every day, we deserve to have the opportunity for improvement. You have to forgive the people free from their mistake they made which may spoil the emotional energy on the things which are worthless. We have to release from them to have the freedom from those emotional sicknesses and guilt which opens the new door to enter into the new garden where we grab the new opportunity to enjoy the life.

We have to empty out the negative stuff every morning. Don't let the space and don't let them hurt you. It takes the place of good stuff. Life is too short to hold back with the negative things. We have to fill the rooms with the confidence, excitement, good things, betterment, and the happiness which are the healing of emotional sickness, grow the respect and faith and promote for something better. Bitterness, jealousy and worried should be taken away from the mind immediately when they enter into us. Worry makes us weak, regret makes your life shorter, we don't have to use our emotional strength for our own poison.

Don't worry, let things go, let things happen whatever happens which are beyond your control. Despite worrying about your future make a good friend and laugh a lot. Life might have gone through the several flips over, but if we keep the good things which energize our mind. Forget regretting, forgive your mistake, empty out the anger and negative thoughts right away. You will stay young, energetic, happy, healthy and full of passion and deserve to have the meaningful life forever.