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Sunday, July 15, 2018

My life is not perfect, but I am thankful for everything I have

No one is perfect in this world and everything we value is not the sole companion to be perfect and fulfilled. Whenever one desire comes to be true, then immediately another one follows us and again we become hungry and feel empty with the desires to have the ones which we don't have. The
stuffing and sadness lead us when we chase them behind looking to complete all our needs, but it keeps running away all the times, creating the vacuum in our mind and thoughts and eventually it destines to the grave where we don't need anything as the life flies away from this beautiful world leaving only the memories and images.

In order to treat the suffering and the sadness, I believe that my life is not perfect but I am thankful for everything whatever I have so far in my life. I have also a big dream, ambition to have the better life, better job and to have everything better than whatever I have possessed yet. But I totally understand about the life and the situation that I undergo and not that much unsatisfied whatever I have done. I am grateful to my family, my relatives and my accomplishments so far I have done. It doesn't mean I have accomplished the big dream and progressed as I had dreamed. Many of my dreams died on its ways and many are still creeping and crawling even not inching towards me, but I haven't given up my hope to make them truly one day no matter how long it might take and how hard it could be.

The reason of supporting this statement is to release the pain of many people who suffer because they feel incomplete, they think they are failures and they might think that they are the unluckiest people of the world. Whenever we face the bad times when everything goes against our will and our dream becomes fruitless everyone feels the same way. But only the difference is that people who try endlessly put the incredible efforts without the expectation of good result and let their all the endeavors as a trial and error, definitely reach to the destination sooner or later. I haven't reached there yet, but I am optimistic, hopeful, positive and enthusiastic to make everything comes to be true.

Life never comes to be perfect, but when we are greedy and only think oneself becomes the victim and lose our happiness. We have to deserve the happiness of this life, not only because we become successful, but also as an ordinary person. We have the equal rights to breathe the air, to share the values and happiness as everyone whoever deserves regardless of their achievements, regardless having the problems and shortcomings because we all are the human being of this beautiful earth and we deserve to be happy and enjoy the life to the fullest extent. But it is possible if you are thankful for your life and whatever you have now.