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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Living the life in peace

Life has different colors which blossom with different shape and size. Sometimes it gives a lot of pleasure but also doesn't hesitate to throw in the curveball. Living the life in peace heals our way of worthiness, frustration and the sadness which we carry in our minds without any treatment. We
always try to be our best to make things happen as what we wish, but some things are beyond our control that we can't change it. Worrying about the future and for the inevitable things just destroy our energy because life is what it is but not what we think it should be.

If something that we can't change or can't work out, let's leave it without the frustration, without any argument and disagreement. Living in the peace make us feel better than worrying too much about the stuff which can't be changed. The anxiety and fear always kill our positive thinking and might divert towards the negativity turning away from the blissful moments to the darker ones.

Live the life in peace; don't panic with your weakness, flaws and don't focus on them because you are not the finished product as we all are the work in progress. We need to improve some areas of our life, but we have to accept what we are and where we are today. Everything has a process, in the same way, to have the glory in life there should be some process. Life is miserable when we see our downside and negativity. We have to control our thoughts and think good about who we are today what we have done so far.

People whoever upset with the tiny mistakes, weakness in themselves; keep away from improvements. To have the peace inside help us to live the life with the love, compassion, and forgiveness. Look away from your worst mistake and weakness and look for your strength, achievement and the life you have made so far. Thinking about the goodness doesn't come to everyone because everyone accuses oneself of the shortcoming in their life. I would be happy if I had this kind of job, relationship, property and so forth, but such conditions again demand more and more diverting towards the imperfection. Rather love yourself unconditionally and accept the truth about the life as it is not what we think it should be but it is always on its way what it is.


Anonymous said...

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