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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Adding a new layer of experience in life

It is one of the most exciting, happiest and beautiful moments of life to be an expecting mother but as every pro has its con, it is also one of the most difficult, challenging and toughest time in life. While considering the feeling of becoming the mother once again with little child women forget the pain,
pressures, and hardship under that they need to go through. I feel the same way; I am proud to be a mother and to be a woman to have this most precious experiences in life. Every hardship has a dream which is always beautiful and joyful, but the time doesn't treat me with the same level of thought as it also ground my feeling sometimes fluttering down to the road.

Every day in the morning when the morning sickness halts me, it is difficult to take care oneself, but collect the courage to be the strongest ones and prepare everything to step out with my little three years of a child. He always expects the fun from Mommy and instead of going to the school request me; " Mommy can I go to the park just for five minutes please". Not intentionally I have to say no and convince him staring into his eye. " You are my good boy; aren't you? If you are then you have to listen to Mommy okay? Definitely, we will go to the park, but not now later in the day when Mommy comes back to pick you up okay?" Sometimes he nods his head of acceptance but sometimes he insists requesting for five minutes. Despite having the heavy heart of rejection, I have to divert his thoughts and be on the way to his daycare.

This is the part of my life and daily routine to go to work and take care of my family. No doubts, it's not only me everyone is going through the same phase but sometimes I feel for myself when the body treats me to have a long rest which is not possible. I feel panic, irritated, disturbed even with a little noise during my sleep and asks him to keep quiet. My attitude gets worse sometimes with my boy when he keeps on playing and enjoying with me. I feel sad with my demeanor later in the day, but the words which leave the mouth and the time never comes back again.

Days are going on normally. The biggest day is still little far, but badly waiting with the counts of every single day. The nine months don't pass that fast and a lot of checkup with doctors and asking the leave from the job every time are not that fun but still sticking to make it my best for me and my little one. Every con has its pro; I am happy, proud disrespecting the problems that I am facing now. The reason is that one of the beautiful moments is going to kiss me with the embrace of joy and smile filling the life with different color and adding a new layer of experience in my life