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Sunday, June 10, 2018

The benefits of mindfulness

We live in the present moment, but suffer a lot due to our past and the future. It is very difficult to forget the bitter past and the unseen future always scares us with the fear and doubts. The
mindfulness is the techniques which help us to be in the present forgetting the past and future. Of course, our life is more precious than anything, regardless of what the outer circumstances treat us every day. The value of present time overrules the past and future.

Many people play the role in our lives in the short term or long term. Some are heroes and some are villains. Their characters of the roles leave the lasting impact some might be beautiful, but some are awe full. The bitter experience haul and distracts us in the present, but the trick of mindfulness helps us to get over from that. Our thoughts, mind and heart should be concentrated on what we are today and what is important in our present, which let us come out of the hell and the bitter past and let to enjoy in the present.

Mindfulness also teaches to be the own and forgiving. The distress, frustration, and disappointment grow in our mind due to the others roles in our life. When we are able to forgive them, we develop the peace, happiness, and excitement. When we incline to the mindfulness it creates the love to oneself and transforms the thoughts with the feeling of what is existed in the present. It helps to alleviate the stress and improve the emotional well being.

This is based on my current research as I discovered that growing the kid is not only a fun but also an incredible stress. Playing the role of mother and employee together is not easy unless we discover something to release the stress and I found that mindfulness is one of the best ways to practice. I don't have enough time, but I am sure it is not only for mothers but whoever fighting with the different circumstances and want to transform to have the peace of mind and happiness this is one of the remedies to start as soon as possible.