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Saturday, May 26, 2018

The habit of developing the mind

The mind without fear, without any doubts, without any complain always develops the love, happiness and the pleasure in life compared with the ones who practice the hater, egos, and cruelty. The outcomes of what we work depend on the attention that we pay and the connection that relate.
The way what we do in our daily life depends on how we develop our mind every day.

Keeping the mind free of stuff is very difficult because thousands of momentum shakes every second in our brain. Our nature depends on the how our brain performs every second, which also determines our facial expressions, the way of working and talking with the people. If we practice every day to forgive our loved ones for the mistakes, loving and caring the people whom we are surrounded; we become able to see the light for the happiness and can dwell the prosperity and success in everyday’ s life.

Things don't come what we want and the outcomes may not be what we expect and people don't work for us as what we wish. When everything goes against our will, then we start to complain our fate, with the God and with the loved ones for not supporting on to get out of the problems. But if we practice every day to complain everything that we have, then we will be ending being alone, distracted, annoyed and helpless. Despite having the unfavorable circumstances the people who use their wisdom to keep their mind free of tensions and develop the good habits of forgiving, loving, caring, encouraging and exciting everyday win the race of the game.

Nothing is permanent in this world. The physical discomfort, the feeling of distractions and the pain which suffers go away sooner or later. This life is also temporary and if we live planting the beautiful flowers in our own garden of the brain, our life will be filled with the joy, pleasure and the everlasting happiness. We have to deserve to live the life happily, worth fully and blissfully with the hope for everything is possible what we wish to be one day. God has planned our life, if it is the hardest moments of life now, she might have planned something which could be beyond our expectations, desire and hope to surprise one day. Develop your habits every day to enjoy the precious time rather than grumbling with the loved ones to expect the miracle that is on its way to come.

Life has many choices, but only the optimist can detect the way where to go. The pessimist only sees the hardest path even in the way over the floor. If we widen our eyes, we can see the beautiful fruit in the ocean and everywhere we walk, but if we shrink our vision, it is difficult to get the fruit even sitting under the tree of ripped apple. The most possible way of widening the vision is developing your mind free from the stuff which distracts you, which harm you and which disappoint you. You are the master of your own, nobody can rule your way what you want to do, but that is only the you who identify the way you want to go.