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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hoping for the best

Yesterday is already gone which never come back tomorrow is our future, which we always hope for the best. Hope is the light which helps to fight with millions of struggles, the night never stays alone
rather the sun is waiting on its way to come.

Despite having the hardship in the present the hope for the best is your inspiration which uplift you, strengthen you and embrace you with the positive aspirations to wait for the days. Life has many colors it doesn't seem beautiful only to the one. The hardship, difficulties, struggles, happiness, sorrows, and joys all are the different colors of life which makes us full and let to bright in the high intensity to shine in the fullest moon.

Every day could be your battle, don't hesitate to breathe, it could be very hard, don't give up, always use your last resort and make your own call how to tackle it wisely and genuinely. It never leaves you to the curveball all the times like the seasons your life also may change in the different phases. The winter is very cold, difficult to commute due to snow, but it is not all the phases of weather because the beautiful spring with the blossom of flowers is waiting to welcome you. Today's hardship is just a winter which suffers you a lot, but it is not permanent in your life because as the spring season, your life will be filled with the colors of smile, happiness, and love.

Forgive the ones who hurt you, forget the past that was terrible, but focuses on the present which is the guidance of tomorrow. Even you can't do the big thing for this world; love the ones who are in front of your eye. Share the compassion and your joys which is essential for living. One of the most important lessons is to be learned the honesty, which is the best policy. Be honest, take care of your health the best. If you are sick by yourself how can you care for the others? Love yourself the first and keep you healthy, then only it is possible to sprout the bud of your dream. Hope for the best and you will get it done one day.