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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The hard-working father

The father of three kids was very hard working. He used to work restlessly during the weekdays and had joined the class on weekends in order to strengthen his capacity and to have a better job so he would get the handsome salary to afford enough for his family. He was spending most of his time
working and studying. When his children and wife complained that he didn't spend time with them, he said he was doing all of these for the sake of his family to make their better future.

His academic result published the father passed with the distinction and applied for the better job. He got the supervisor position of the job and the salary was good. Still, he kept busy on working every day and night in order to grab the promotion for the manager position. When his children and family complained about he was not spending his time with his family, he said he was doing whatever for the sake of the family. His good paid job became able to move the family to the nicer apartment than where they were before. He sent his children to one of the top schools paying the expensive Tuition fee.

In order to be promoted the father started to take the extra class in the evening and worked very hard. He didn't have a single minute to spend with his wife and beautiful children. His hard work paid him back and promoted him to the highest position of managerial level and his salary was the best that he had ever had so far. He decided to buy a house and hired a housemaid to relieve his wife from households. Again he kept on working without valuing his family.

His wife complained about not spending time with his family. He thought he had already worked very hard and assured his wife he wouldn't take an extra class and wouldn't work extra onwards. He would spend all of the rest of the time apart from his work with his family. On the very next day he never woke up, he fell asleep forever. Time never waits for us. We never know whether it is already getting late to spend the precious time with the loved ones.