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Sunday, March 25, 2018

No one is truly alone

When we are in the battle of hardship we believe that I am the only one on this earth who is lonely, helpless in the middle of difficulties. But in fact, no one is truly alone in this world. So many people
live here, stay here and enjoy the life, but only the difference could be the level of pain, suffering, and understanding. Everyone has a past, present, and future as well, possessing the hardship of different levels.

Sometimes, the past could lead to the misery with the guilt and regret, but if widen our eyes no one exists in the earth without weakness and setbacks. You are not truly alone who had a bitter past, remember forgiveness is the ways to battle out from that misery. We might have made a mistake or somebody must have ruined our time, but life hasn't ended yet. You still have the unlimited opportunities, capacity, and enormous potential which may bring the smiles of many people. You are the human, though you couldn't spend the money at least you can share the love and compassion to the people who are in need.

When you feel alone, distracted and disappointed, remember that this world is very huge and definitely someone is there with you who loves you, cares you and compensates you.   Everything is temporary, as our life, it is not permanent. The hardship doesn't stay with you all the times rather there are so many beautiful days coming to you in an embrace to cherish you and to see your smiles.  The bad times come and go, but we are hopeful and excited the cheers with the good times. Our life is not collecting the bunch of sins rather it is to spread the humanity, to help them who are in need, to love and care them who are alone.

One of the most important factors or the battle in life is to accept the result either it could be our choice or not we have to accept the circumstances. Time never flies as what we want, but it goes at its own pace that we have to follow. Like the day after night, we will be cherished one day with the full moon that we will celebrate our victory. Let's wait that day and forget the past and mistakes you made. Your mistake is your lesson which teaches you the moral and guides you to the direction where you want to be.