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Saturday, December 2, 2017

The hidden treasure

Once upon a time, there was a man who used to carry water down from the stream in two pots hanging on the two poles of the stick and putting across his back neck.One pot had a little crack on its side and was able to deliver only the half of the water. The other pot was perfect and she was proud
of his accomplishment serving the full pot of water.

It has already been the two years the man kept on carrying the water with that two pots. The cracked pot was ashamed of her weakness and her imperfection. It had already been the two years she had been experiencing her bitter failures and spoke; " I am sorry for my imperfections and not being able to do what I have been making. Due to the crack on my side, the water leaks almost half and you have to make your double efforts due to my flaws, I apologize to you, you are not getting the full value of your efforts you made."

The man felt sad hearing to the old cracked pot and said; " I will show you something beautiful on our way to the home that you will enjoy". On his way from the stream to his home, there was a beautiful flower amazingly spreading their smile. She enjoyed looking them but still sad inside with her flaws and her weakness that she was performing only the half.

She said to the pot; " Did you notice that there are beautiful flowers only on your side but not the other side?. I had well known about your weakness and took the advantage from that. I planted the seeds of the flowers on your side. You watered them every day while we came from the stream to the home.'

" I have been enjoying the beautiful flowers on my way to bring the water as well, I have been able to pick those flowers to decorate my table for two years. It wouldn't be possible without being you this way and if the crack part didn't water them. I am able to grace this beauty because of you.'

Lesson of the story;

Each of us might have the flaws, imperfections, and weakness like the cracked pot, but each of them could make together with our life something different which is more interesting and rewarding than what we expect from them. We have to identify the weakness and should take the advantages of each.  A lot of good things are still on their way to come!