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Sunday, December 3, 2017

How the deliberate slowness gives you the sweetest result.

Everything is changing in this world rapidly every day. We can see the advertisements of several products which might bring its effect within few weeks or months. While going through in this fast

The New York city during Thanksgiving night
pace of movements we might judge our achievements ourselves and become sad for not getting the outcomes as we could have targeted to achieve with that time period.

The outer world always passes the message that the time is fleeing so fast, none can wait for the slowest. In fact, people are more educated, more intelligent and more diligent now than before a few years back. Due to the development of information and technology, human strength has doubled in the pace. If we observe the progress of everything that's going on in the world, we worry about ourselves and fear that whether our dream may only remain in the imagination.

Though we have heard the story about the race between the hare and the tortoise, we condolence ourselves considering the slow but steady wins the race. But it is very hard to delete the fear, doubt and anxiety from the mind permanently which scare every day hey you haven't done anything yet as you have been at this of age now. According to the research, if we deliberately slow our goal,  it will strengthen our capacity and help us continually move on.

Having a goal is important in life, but if we set it within the short period of time and won't achieve them, it may create the distractions, frustration, and depression in the life. Rather envisioning the dream to come to be true tomorrow, it is wise to slow down purposefully which might give the good sense and meaning. If we keep on trying for a long-term, the possibility of achieving them could be higher and also the risk of regretting will be lower. If we are the focus on the passion; self-satisfaction is the greatest fruit of our hard work, nothing can replace the taste that we enjoy. That is possible if we keep us going.

The fast pace environments have diverted the mindset we need to have that right away if not within few months. But the success is not that easy. We need to mend them, dig them deeply, work hard, should have the patience to walk a more distance, even in the thirst and should take the ability to bear the failure at the same time. Only after passing the long journey, the sweetest thing might come to please our tongues, otherwise, our belief can betray us in our ways.