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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The root cause of the misery

Finding out the cause of misery is one of the best ways to be independent, strong, enthusiastic and motivated. We always expect a lot of things from our family members, loved ones, friends, and the people who are around us. We expect the love, care, and compassion for our family and we always need the validations from our friends and relatives whatever work we do. All of those expectations
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are in fact the root cause of the misery which is diverting us every day to be dependent, to be sad and ignoring our personal freedom in this world.

Each individual has a unique nature, unique features, different ways of working, unique styles, and way of thinking because of the background, level of understanding and how they are equipped with the information and how well they are growing up in the family. If we always expect the love and care of the people, we will be sad when we won’t have them, we will feel bad when we are alone. But, none can accompany someone all the times because of the lack of time, temptation, their sudden changes in their thinking, belief and many more. That's why the expectation is the cause of misery which always sadden in the lack of achievement.

As a human being, we need to have friends and family, however, to be dependent all the times could be the misery of life.  No matter what we do, we should validate ourselves regardless of the other opinion, only then it gives us inner pleasure and diverts to be an independent creature in this world.
Everything happens for a reason and that always comes with a hidden beauty and treasure in life.

Live your life by yourself despite the relationship what you have in your life. Be optimistic and positive, but it doesn’t mean you always expect the validation from the people.  You should work hard that doesn’t mean you must expect positive feedback from your boss. Be always ready to face the challenges and never expect only the good things may embrace you. You always work from the heart not only with the expectation of appreciation and rewards only then you will be out of the misery.