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Saturday, September 23, 2017

How to deal with the stubborn people?

It is one of the challenging and essential lessons that we need to understand how to deal with the stubborn people who might encounter with us along the journey. They could be our colleagues,
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spouse or friends, that we have to admit with along our way. It is one of the toughest as well interesting parts of our life. Even though we can take, this is an opportunity to learn the human behavior, it is not easy and lots of work that we need to do. I have discovered some points while going through some researchers and have tried to portray some of the points which we need to keep in mind.

1. Staying calm

A stubborn person always wants to be in the higher position and might think that they know the best. They always want the validation and approval of what they say and what they think. They might take the different opinions as the personal attacks and don't want to be the loser. While arguing with the stubborn person, most of the time we have to stay calm and let them finish first what they are trying to tell us only after then we can flattery, give them some ideas praising and persuading them we are carefully listening and paying attention. We have to make them feel that we value and respect their opinions even, in fact, it comes to be not, then should start what we truly trying to say.

2. Careful arguments 

We have to think in mind, stubborn people don't want to be wrong and always wants to win while arguing on some situations. We have to be very careful with those arguments with them otherwise it may turn to the battles and fights and could be harmful to us and other people physically and mentally. It is always wise not to argue with them, but situations might drag with the hall where we have to. Carefully listen to them first, politely explain letting them know the more information than what they have. We don't get what we want from the stubborn people, but we can have the half from the careful negotiations and by applying the best approach to deal with them.

3. Taking the positive approach

One of the essential and important elements to deal with the stubborn person is taking the positive approach.  In order to avoid the violence and hostility, we have to be kind and try to take that situation to the positive approach. If we also answer with the anger and freaking out the situations might turn out to the danger zone. If we feel hot and intimidating while dealing with them, we have to leave the place for a while to let them cool down. We have to express our love and compassion and let them understand why we are important to each other, why we should work out together. Never tell them stubborn because they don't deserve that word instead just tell them they are right to some extent, but you are trying to have the best result from what you are doing.


Syndy said...

It is the most toughest issue to have to perfect relationship in life, I hope your initiation making them alive will help to them who are seeking the help.
Great job!