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Monday, September 25, 2017

Benefits of laughing

Laughing is not only a way to express a happiness but it has also a lot of scientifically proven benefits associated with it. One of the major reasons; why comedy movies and drama are watched more than other types is because of the laughing. Laughing is the splendid method of pleasure which fuel the
Mukkum Hang's Laugh
new strength of excitement and enthusiasm.  I have tried to present some of the major benefits of laughing, which are helpful to all of us if we laugh.

1. Support to stay healthy 

Laughing is a crucial means of staying happy and healthy nowadays. Science has proved that when we laugh it improves the blood flow and helps to reduce the high blood pressure. Due to that blood circulation, it also reduces the risk of heart attack and maintains the healthy body and healthy brain.

2. It helps to relieve the pain and stress

Due to the everyday busy schedule, people get tired, stressed and turned out the visualization.
Laughing helps to relieve the stress and pressure and turns toward the excitement and fuel the new energy. According to the research three stress hormones works in the body when they are active. Laughing makes them go away and we relieve the stress and pain.

3. Laughing helps to boost the immune system.

According to the research laughing also help to release some antibiotics in our body which works against the infection that is caused by certain types of bacteria. Laughing helps us to boost our immune system fighting the bacteria and killing them with producing the antibiotics with the body itself.

4. Enhance the positive thoughts 

One of the studies shows that laughing is also a means of diverting negativity into the positivity. When we laugh, we forget our fear, pain, pressure and we will get fueled with the excitement, motivation, encouragement, and hope of beautiful things either today or tomorrow. When our eyes to see the beautiful things outside, it means we are changed our perspective towards the positive which widens our visualization and breaks the limitations.

5. Improve memory and creativity 

One of the major benefits of laughing is; it improves the memory power and creativity. The study shows that people who laugh more have better memory and better creativity than the people who laugh less.


Syndy said...

Um! informative!
Keep on posting new topics everyday.