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Friday, September 22, 2017

This world is beautiful if you widen your eyes

The beauty lies in our eyes, not in the objects.  This world is beautiful if we widen our eyes, but worst if we squeeze within our hands. Do you realize the beauty you will find when watching the blue sea
HK and Macau the longest bridge on the way By Bardhoj
and the ocean, the decorated garden or the natural and artificial scenery which is mind-blowing? Of course, on a certain extent, we may be pleased with the beauty what comes to our eyes and enjoy, more than that if we are unable to widen our eyes we can see only the beautiful things in the world.

Only the wider vision works as your glass to see this world beautiful with the reason that we are enjoying with this nature, we have been using the natural substances freely without any objections. We can grab the opportunities to extend our happiness and pleasure towards the people around the world. We have numerous opportunities to make this world prettier, better and safer place to live all the human beings. None of us are permanent in this world, we will be away from this beautiful world one day sooner or later the days embrace us. But we have to widen our eyes grounding our sadness and suffering to the mud and should use only the strength which is used to make everything beautiful.

The eternal happiness comes to our eyes if we try to extend towards the people of the world. Sharing the hope, happiness, excitement, and happiness cherish the life with the fullest joy. As a human beings, we all have to go through the suffering and difficulties but we can widen our eyes if we are keen to take the challenges, we will enjoy with our fight and will be able to make our eyes in broader horizons, but if we tempt a fear and doubt in mind and scare to take the challenges the beauty of this world dies within us. In order to shape it on its way only out positive vision and empathy can widen our way of happiness and our clear vision of this world.

If we share our happiness and pleasure it will be double rather if we squeeze our pain and difficulties it will be severe. That is what it is always important, we have to have to share the unconditional love, care, empathy, compassion toward all the human beings which help to keep this beauty of this world alive. We will enjoy this world together and together we can do something different. Nothing is possible alone and feeling of loneliness drives toward the hell. We have to add the one drop in the ocean who is trying to make this world better, it is possible if we devote and let it happens from the heart. Happy weekend!