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Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Peace of mind is more valuable than million of dollar

A peace of mind could be more precious and more valuable than millions of dollars. If we have enough money and physical stuffs with us, but don’t have peace of mind, then we can’t have the
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happiness in life. Inner peace is the source of happiness and pleasure which extends the love and compassion towards all the living being of this world who deserve to live this life not only oneself, but together with all sharing the love, respect, compassion motivating and inspiring to each other understanding the humanitarian deed in this world.

We can earn the money different ways and think that having a huge sum of money is the greatest happiness in life, but contrary to this opinion, having the inner peace has the greatest power in mind that we can’t exchange with million of dollars or more. Inner peace is the beauty of life, it is an inspiration, enthusiasm to extend the love and kindness toward all the human being in this world.

There is numerous example, among us. Even a millionaire can reach to the road losing all of the money and possessions because of the almighty or natural disaster and even people who are just begging to save his arms and fill the stomach today can be a millionaire one day. It can be winning a lottery or working hard to earn the money or by many ways. The reason for giving this example is to justify about the life and variation that might occur and change the cycle of rotations of lives but if we have inner peace it is really beautiful. It never dies neither fade away with any kinds of difficulties rather it keeps on fostering every day extending its longings day by day.

In addition, it makes us grateful to this world, we feel proud to be oneself whatever situation we are, it gives us happiness and pleasure and satisfaction with the relationship whoever we are. We see all the ways beautiful flowers in the garden, everyone is tingling with a smile and spreading the love, kindness, support, and compassion. We can constantly able to handle the numerous challenges and it enriches our lives with the fullest joys accepting all its significant all of other remaining will be disregarded.


Syndy said...

Thank you so much for this opportunity sharing in your blog. It is really fun to go throughout every day. I wish you all the best and hope to read more inspiring and motivating tips in the future again.