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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

FIWNA extended and shared its gratitude with a belief that together we can make a difference.

FIWNA (Federation of indigenous women of Nepal in America) extended the love, respect, gratitude, and compassion among its members in a gathering. It is a FIWNA culture to assist to each other and treat everyone as family members. They shared the honors among themselves to value its existence

and to bring a feeling of we together in FIWNA as a home.

It was also a moment of celebration of victory as one of its members  Indira Gharti was recently elected as a board member of NRN NCC New York chapter. The team congratulated and honored her wishing her successful tenure and persuaded to play an exemplary role among the Nepalese community. They analyzed the challenges and opportunities for a woman taking an additional role in the community.
Indira Gharti and Indira Chongbang

During that event, FIWNA team also honored its two members Atikala Lama and Hemlatta Limbu and passed the token of gifts who are departing to Nepal and Hong Kong visit for a few weeks. It is also one of its cultures to collect the self-interest amount among the members for the gift and comfort during those kinds of occasions. FIWNA accumulate the contributions among its team and passes as a condolence to its own members whoever bears the difficult circumstances.

The gathering remarked the biggest accomplishment of sharing, caring and passing the love and respect among the team. They also declared some important future events and vowed to be United on every single step in preserving its own notion making the team as members of its one home. We are in a foreign land, but together we can make a difference. We will stand together and united we will stay strong.

The event was held at the dinner hosted by Indu Lamichhane treasure of the FIWNA. During that same gathering, FIWNA also decided to contribute to Madan Tamang who is being treated for the failures of his two kidneys. Most of the members joined on that humanitarian deed to save someone's life.  Considering even a tiny amount can be precious at a hard time, FIWNA decided to support him collecting individual contribution of self-interest.


Anonymous said...

Great jobs guys, keep it up !

Ami said...

Wow, great to see you all here. Keep it up guys!