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Friday, September 8, 2017

Source of Happiness

The source of happiness is within us
We can imagine the fantastic day
We can draw a beautiful image in mind
We can scale the level of joys what we have
We laugh to dictate and reflect our pleasure
All of those are created within us

Every human being is looking for happiness
But only a few figures out truly what it is
Some compare it with money
Some compare with the physical possessions
Many people have misconceptions that
The success is the biggest happiness
Rather happiness begins from our mind
It crawls and grows along with our understanding
And understand what is life and source of happiness

The source of happiness is our mind
If it is peace and clean we can be happy every day
If it fills with a bad stuff, we suffer every day
We don't have a big dream to be fulfilled
Neither it comes with a huge property gain
It comes from our mind and thought
Inner peace is the best source of happiness
Enjoy and beauty of this world with identifying the source of happiness