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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Interview with Natasha Wozniak

Natasha Wozniak is a very well known and popular name in the Nepalese community both in Nepal or America. She is a woman with a big heart who is enthusiastic about supporting people in need. She is the president of the Sangsangai and has already completed rebuilding 14 houses and one community center in the Rainaskot village of Lamjung.

 She was born in Wisconsin, United State and completed her higher education at the University of Wisconsin. Initially, she learned about Nepal from a National Geographic magazine. She became curious about going and understanding the people of Nepal and learned the Nepalese language from her university for one year. After deciding to go to Nepal and spent her first years learning sculpture as well as the Nepalese language of the Nepale
se people. She found them kind, generous and soft-hearted which made her feel that Nepal is like her own country. She has two families in Nepal, a Shakya family in Patan and a Brahmin family in Lamjung.

By profession, she is a jewelry designer and makes fabulous jewelry for women. After the earthquake in Nepal, she was so worried about Nepal and wanted to support in any way possible. First she raised some funds from her family and later had more friends and relatives help her with her campaign. She is fond of introducing her Nepalese Name Laxmi Gurung which was given to her by the villagers of Rainaskot.

She is very good at communicating in Nepalese language and she enjoys Nepalese food. She likes to be involved with the Nepalese community and come up with ideas for new projects. As the president of Sansangai, she hopes all of us will support her campaign and work together to do good deeds for humanity.


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