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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The unique qualities of Women

Most of the professional zones are filled up with a male employee's comparatively few numbers of women's and very few women CEO. The disparity between the male and female began from the beginning of a human being but later people realized that women are also equipped with the full of
Photo Courtesy Pradeep Thapa
potential if they are provided the equal opportunities to the outside world. This the result of this age of women advancement that they are also able to reach on top notch position as men in this modern world. Women are more sensitive than men and they have some unique qualities which explain why women are different than men and why they are different in nature.

According to the research conducted by different universities related to gender issues; women value and focus on the team rather than working isolated. They are more efficient in disseminating the information into the group and gain a quick understanding of the other coworker in the working environment. This trait can help to make the quick decision to the management how to select the right place at right time.

Women are more sensitive and deep thinking in comparison to men. Men can handle any serious issues easily, but it is quite difficult for women to handle the personal problems because they reach deep inside which makes them more severe. But, it also helps them to perform their work more seriously and thoroughly than their counterpart of male coworkers.

One of the unique qualities of women is most of them are kind and generous. They are open hearted, soft and kind. They believe the people quicker than men. This quality helps them to encourage the surrounding to thrive to their interest more easily than men. But in contrary to this fact people also take the advantages of their kindness.

Women are unique creatures of this world because they are the ones who create new lives inside them, which is one of the most amazing and unavoidable truth. They are considered as a gift given by birth to perform a multitasking role or multiple work gene.