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Monday, July 3, 2017

Every mission in life may throw you a curveball

As a human being, we might have the several missions, desire and some specific goals in life that we tend to achieve sooner as possible but every mission of life may throw us a curveball. It could be disappointed, tiring and frustrating. The matter of success in life depends on how we deal with those
situations and get out of that. We are temporary knocked down to the unexpected wind doesn’t mean our life is over and we can’t move anymore. Our life is full of opportunities and choice; there have been always another choice, options and a new spirit that we can generalize by ourselves.

We are not ending, we are not finished, and even it could be toughest challenges that we are facing now. Our life is full of games and wars only the one who knows the trick and has a patient can reach to the top that’s the way we have to learn the skill how to avoid those shortcoming learning the lessons from the past that what made us be in that pond. We may lose our confidence and belief as it strikes us unexpectedly, but only the patient dictate to make sure everything is temporary in this world.

I have one beautiful story that gives the best lessons in life as we never know what could be the best or worst but have to think always for the best;

Story copied and pasted

A farmer lost his horse. All his neighbors said: “How awful!” But the farmer simply replied: “Could be worse, could be good, don’t know yet.”
Then the horse returned with a stallion. Now the neighbors said: “How wonderful for you!” But the farmer replied: “Could be worse, could be good, don’t know yet.”
A few days later the farmer’s son was the riding the stallion. He fell off and broke his leg. Once again the neighbors chimed in: “That’s terrible news!” But the farmer just told them: “Could be worse, could be good, don’t know yet.”
That weekend the country went to war and the generals went from village to village taking young men to fight in the war. They didn’t take the farmer’s son since his leg was broken. The neighbors all expressed how lucky the farmer was that his son had broken his leg, since now he didn’t have to go to war and risk being killed. But the farmer simply said: “Could be bad, could be good, don’t know yet.

The lesson from this story is everything has a reason either good or bad. We have to accept the truth that comes to us and have to take everything going on its on way.