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Sunday, June 4, 2017

FIWNA celebrated its annual BBQ Event with a great gathering

Federation of Indigenous Women’s of Nepal in America had a great gathering of the people from different organizations and representation of diverse community groups in New York City this Saturday. The event was held at Queens bridge park New York with an especial event of BBQ and potluck as an annual event celebration.

The commitment of this program was to raise the fund from the tiny contributions of participants and to memorize our motherland Nepal together joining our hands and give the sense of 'we' feeling that we are from the same nation and the same origin. It also enhances the unity among the indigenous men and women and strengthens the bond among them to have a common understanding and goals. One of the most important parts of this event was to entertain the participants as many indigenous women of Nepal reside here with a busy schedule and being apart from their family. It becomes the most essential occasion to get together and experience the potluck dishes and share the happiness, which is a way to relief from the stress out of mind.

The president of SANGSANGAI Natasha Wozniak joined the event as a guest, who has been working in Nepal to rebuild the home for those who lost their home due to the earthquake. She was curious to know about the Indigenous Women’s of Nepal in America and became glad to share her experiences while revealing her opinion on that instance. She introduced to all of the executive and members of FIWNA and other participants and assured that she was highly interested in understanding and working together in the future.

President Sangini Rana, VP Indira Chongbang with her family
Nima Gole Member with Natasha Wozniak
The president of FIPNA Federation of Indigenous People’s of Nepal in America Luisang Waiba also joined the event and expressed his solidarity working with FIWNA together. The founder of FIPNA and former senior vice president Binod Pomo had also joined in that program. Accordingly the chief editor of the Everest Times, New York Ang Chhiring Sherpa offered his excitement and best wishes

to the organizer.  The vice president of NRNNCC Bandana Koirala expressed her delight that she had over there. Keshab Ram Rai one of the social workers who represents the United Kirat Rai Organization of America also join in that event. The event was going on in the informal form through the vice president Indira Chongbang addressed to the participants with a short welcome speech focusing all the guests and contributors of the event.

The general secretary Bandana Rai had coordinated the entertaining parts letting the contestants play few knockouts. She functioned two diversions the first one was Pot breaking and another was musical chair. Bandana Gurung Shrestha was the winning participants of the first game and won the first prize. The musical chairs were held in two sessions for the children and adults. Samridi Rai was the winning participant from the children and Abha Shrestha member of the FIWNA won the first prize for the adult musical chair.

The participants entertained on that events, dancing and having the delicious foods. Everyone was in the cheerful mood, smiling, laughing and talking with the friends. It became a boundless prospect of them getting close to each other. At the end, the president Sangini Rana addressed to all the participants with a thank you speech and the event dismissed at the end with the hope of meeting next year.