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Monday, June 5, 2017

When one door closes, another door always opens to let you exit

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Do you have any horror experience because you baffled in the middle of the journey or something unexpected happened in your life? If you are experiencing that your door is closed but don't forget to widen your eyes to see the opened door that is hidden but waiting for you to let you exit out. Everything happens in life for a reason, but keep in
mind, that always comes with a noble purpose. Even though you may experience bad things sometimes, but that is only temporary to examine how tolerable you are.

Everything is planned in our life and we are filled with the fullness of potentials and unlimited capacity, only we stuck because we can't unblock our way to get out. If we widen our vision, mission, and goal what we want to have in life, it really gives us enthusiasm, excitement and modesty to pass the road. Everyone can walk in the empty road easily, but the greatness always remains with the one who deserves to fight with difficulties and able to pass waling throughout the stone.

We know if we have enough money, enough love what we need, enough for everything whatever we have, what would be the situation that might we have. Probably we may think that we might have lived the lives with the fullness of gratification, wellbeing and happiness, but in real life, none in this world is perfect and fully contented. Everyone is seeking the better life, better opportunities and wondering every day to create something that is amazing for the people. This is how none is fulfilled completely and no one is with the full of happiness though everyone chases it behind.

It doesn't mean we have to be greedy and seek for more and better things in life, but it is a human nature that constantly we are reliant seeking things, which are anticipated on our thinking, our opinions, and thought. We have to try to have a better life, but should go to that level where we are not caught to be the frustrated and anxious. We have to control our mind and thought and try to seek the opportunities. It doesn't come on our way if we desperate to have them that’s why what I would like to tell you is that; enjoy with your present try to be happy with what you have now with persistent pursuing for new prospects but never be frantic to have something greater and more which may strain you to the infuriating.