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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My plea to the death

The life when comes to the world everyone enjoys and celebrate the moments , but time flies so fast we can't even count the days some run away without deserving the life what it needs to be. We keep on
Death picture from Google
seeking our journey pleasurable and happiness but don't understand how long we are going to stay in this world. If it was under our control, we would be immortal and one day would disappear by yourself.

The toughest part of our life is losing the loved ones who runway in the middle of their journey. It is so hard to tell them goodbye and painful to bear that moment, but after all, nothing is there except reminding oneself we all will follow the same journey one day. It is the rule of nature no one can control, the death even the life. Someones have to leave this world in the same way.

After losing my cousin sister Pamfa it has been really hard to control myself, to concentrate on work and something else. I could do nothing for her until she was alive, I have a great regret in life probably that I will be unable to reimburse in this life. We have spent many beautiful moments together and I couldn't believe life is this much of short distance as she is not that much of an age. I am trying to remove the memory to get rid off from this panic, but I am so desperate the same one keep on hitting on my brain.

I know why this death is so terrible, I understand totally we couldn't rejoin with them who left us behind to communicate by any means. If I had known she would be leaving this world so early, I could have done numerous things, but why everyone's run away from my life without any clue. My father runs away after waiting for me several years to see. I am remembering the story of "Laky and Kaal" that I read during my childhood where the Lalu captured the Kaal who takes away the people's life. I am wishing to be the one who has the power to control the death.

I have an imaginary, why people who want to enjoy and live the life should go away and someone still has life run away by purpose. I am seeking the vanity of our life where we could all have opportunities to enjoy the fullest until we wish to be. My prayers and thought please death don't take away the people who still have the long life to live. Please don't be that much terrible.