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Friday, May 26, 2017

FIWNA announces its annual BBQ event

Federation of Indigenous women of Nepal in America (FIWNA) has announced its annual BBQ event that is going to be held on coming June 3rd Saturday at Queens-bridge Park Long Island City
New York. The event will take place between 10 pm until the 7 pm.
Photo by Machchhe Gurung

The purposes of organizing this event will be providing the opportunities to celebrate our teamwork, to bring all the indigenous brothers and sisters under the same umbrella to make them feel we are from this community, to ensure the common spirit of its existence in the United State of America, to entertain the men and women belonging the same community and to share the love, respect and gratitude to all brothers and sisters to maintain the social harmony.

We are together and together we will make a difference in this world is the major notion of this event. We care for all our sisters and bring them collected under the same bond to be integrated. We know unity has a great strength that doesn't mean we are prepared to fight with someone, but we are trying to be organized and to make everyone stronger and better for the beautiful future and to embrace its glory. We also want to maintain a social harmony fastening the greatest correlation to all the people of the world. We are against the disparity that is existed among the people and overall, we want to spread the love of humanity and want to knot a necklace of love and compassion on the same thread regardless of the race, sex, and colors.

Indigenous people have the unique identity with their respective cultures, norms, values occupied with their own language, their customs, and decorations, those are our property and we are responsible for preserving them protect and transmit them to the new generation. We are beautiful because of theses belongings and it is our responsibility to take the ownership of our property. Due to the globalization, those precious entities are disappearing every day and our cultural existence is at risk due to the modernization, westernization and technological development. If we don't take the precautions, it is sure our new generation will forget who we were and what are our belongings.

We would like to honor our ancestors who brought us into the world and taught the lessons to the young generations. We human being are temporary, but respecting our ancestors and worshipping them is our culture. We will teach our generations and want to disseminate that lessons to the new generations that our culture must respect the seniors and love each other being a human of this beautiful world.