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Sunday, May 28, 2017

'Kirati people' spreading their belief in NY

Kirati people of Nepal in America have been spreading their belief and their virtue gathering every last Saturday of each month to worship at Manhim/Mankhim memorizing their ancestors. Kirati
Founder and initiator Binod Pomo with the glimpse of Manhim/Mangkhim
people include Limbu, Rai, Yakkha and Sunuwar of Nepal who has extended into India, Bangladesh and other parts of Asia. Those are the ethnic groups of indigenous people and worshippers of the ancestors and natures.

This form of Kiranti Temple has been established in Elmhurst, New York in 2011 and has been officially registered as a religious community in New York City. The purpose of this community is to protect the Kirati religion in the foreign land to extend and transmit this belief toward the new generation. Due to the globalization, Kirati religion is at risk as many of them have transferred to the different religious faith such as to the Christianity and many have become the atheists. It is the wonder of the world to maintain the diversity and harmony among the differences, which are the beautiful part of this world. Having the faith of our ancestors keep us in discipline and it is our responsibility to transmit our identity and recognition toward the new generation.

Since the beginning people have retained their strongest belief in this Manghim/ Mankhim. Many people visit and keep their wishes with this God and return back to this place again when their wishes come to be true in real life, bringing gift or contributions in the name of this Manhim/Mangkhim. It is the traditional practice in people of Nepal to think the beloved god when something's a hard time chases them behind or some greatest craving comes in their mind to start. It is significant for them to have this creed and think that the God blessing keep them strong and move forward to achieve their goal.

Binod Pomo one of the social activists had initiated in the beginning and had a concept to bring his imagination to be true. His friends, relatives, and supporter had agreed with him and started from his own residence where there was a little space in his backyard. That remained in the same place for almost three years and later in the futures, as the travelers and followers rose in numbers it was transferred to the new location Jackson Heights. It has a stunning concept of Trustee body, which will be on the executive committee and keep their eyes on them and their activities.

Usually, there are certain provisions to be involved in trustee members, which have certain fees to enter over or the people who contribute by their own could also become the part of that. Many people have contributed different items since it's beginning. People have provided different items based on their initial wishes, which are in the form of cash and other physical entities. It is believed that if this practice keeps on continuing sooner in the future, this community will be able to establish its own building where everything could be possible under the same roof. My wishes and thought are always for this noble endeavor, all the best ahead!