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Monday, April 10, 2017

Importance of common goal

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We all have the life of an individual as well the life of teamwork.While working in a team and organization, all of our effort makes a great sense and difference for a common goal. We are fighting and walking each day for individual goal, but when we think about our common goal, then we might feel a different sense of responsibility and we will be dedicated to performing as of our own individual set of goal.

We are living in the society and family and work on organization, therefore teamwork plays a vital role on any of those cases.  We all have to focus on the organizational goal and have to understand what we are trying to do.  While working in a team, our individual goal will be a part of the each set of organizational goal, similarly, our goal is divided into multiple substances while working in a team of any organization.

If we take an example of a family, a family is formed by a set of members having each individual of different interest, desire and set of different goal. Each might have the different interest while enjoying the weekends and each has the differ internet of going to the favorite restaurant. We can come to the conclusion after hearing all of their desire and intentions and follow the common rule of nature which apply equally to all of the members regardless of the personal desire and goal. In the same way, we have to listen to our personal goal with an organizational goal doesn’t matter how it could fit with some extend.

Common goal reflects a goal that is united with all the individual goal. we may have the different set of a personal goal, but can’t get away while keeping the same goal and moving forward in the same direction while working in the organization and having some common goal. Have a faith and believe in you, which will desperately move you to the goal where you really wanted to be.