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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The days to come

The days to come

Everyday you wake up in the morning
You may have a lot of things in mind
Don't have time to pray and you hustle
Many things might make you bustle

Time is always tight which never wait
Doesn't matter whatever in your mind
You do work hard and do have faith
There is always day it may to come

You may see the hill on your way
Your  journey may fill with the storm
Your determination will kick it on one blow
And your destiny will be always be close

Life is not easy every time  neither only happiness
It's full of flows, setbacks and failure
It gives a real meaning when you overcome
Have a belief there is always days to come

Your life will be full of blessing only you know the meaning of life
You will deserve the happiness only you
Know the importance of your existence
Even the rain might attack you on the way
The sun is always waiting you to come