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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Be yourself

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Be yourself

You are the wonderful people
You will make everything happens
You will win the race and every game
Never hesitate to be yourself

You are truly important creatures
You are the most beautiful
You do have courage and faith
Don't run away from what you want to be

You are the master of your mind
You are the captain of your life
You can write your fate yourself
Despite what other say you will be yourself

If you scare loosing something then you will
If you think you will win then you will
Everything comes from your eternal thoughts
You can make everything possible

You have an extraordinary capability
You have an enormous intelligence
That you have to identify yourself
You have hidden blind spot so be yourself

People may talk about you on back
They may try to pull you down
They may point on your character
Despite of all of the course of things
You will remain you and be yourself