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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One of the most influential women Maya Angelou's struggle and achievement

Maya Angelou is one of the most influential, visionary, inspirational author,  singer, actress and beloved world leader. Even her physical existence is not here today, but her memory and
Maya Angelou; credit Google.
 inspiration have been left safely within all among the people. She is one of the most creative force, and influential women also a human rights activist became the brightest star in the world after fighting with several struggles stepping up from her childhood until her death. Despite her hardship, she became one of the successful and influential women of the world.

She faced her parents split in her early childhood and had to spend her early age splitting the moments with her grandmother and her own mother. She was raped by her mother's boyfriend at the age of eight. She worked as a dancer in various clubs and again became the mother of his son at the early age 17. She had to face the split with his first husband after three years of married life and started her own journey with her son. That is not her end of the story, went to the several suffering, separation, and union many times in her life and almost went to the depression but never let her passion go away. She wrote frequently as a regular duty of her life.

Before leaving to this world, she was honored by many institutions and recognized as the famous American poet, singer, actress and much more.  She eventually ended up becoming the famous and influential women after having a series of occupations in her adult age. She also became the most respected spokesperson of black people and women. After publishing an “ I know why the caged birds sing” she discussed her aspect of personal life. She has published seven autobiographies and numerous articles, speeches and interviews.

She has influenced the people saying that a human being has a lot of agencies over their lives, their attitudes, feelings and their beliefs, examine them but we can always find other ways and the choice to do some things by changing the circumstances.  Angelou believed that we human being have the right and the ability to control our life and live in the way what we want to be. Fate and destiny are nothing more than the old fashioned spirit that we can change and make our dream as per our passions, dream, desire and willingness.

Her inspiration about the struggle and defeat has also a great remark in the humanity. She said we may encounter many defeats in life, but we must not be defeated. We should keep on trying and we will be able to hit our first stumbling block or obstacle. Everyone life goes through these steps and if we give up at the first sign of trouble then we couldn't be able to achieve any value and importance of life. People with courage has always in the victory because it is most important virtues and without the practice of courage, nothing consistently may happen.

One of her most influential statements is that all the great achievement requires time, we all have to wait and hope good times may come. We need to have patience and should keep on working towards those dreams and goal. It couldn’t happen right away like a magic but always takes time. Our energy and strength should always focus on most compassionate and strongest way of living with the expectation of achievement then nothing is impossible here.