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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What you need to know about “Be Bold for change’

The themes of International Women's day 

March 8th of every year remarks as the International Women’s day to honor and acknowledge the contribution of women to the society and sociocultural development of the world. The first International Women’s Day had begun in 1909 in America, which marked as the National Women’s
Women's day symbol by
Day but the day was February 28th of that year. On that day the socialist Party of America had honored the 1908 garment workers’ strike which was happening in New York.

Women got respect and dignity only after a long movement that the women in the past made to happen for today. Before that time women were considered just like an equipment to bear the children and to make them grow up. Women struggled a lot to make this change which is acknowledged now with the less disparity, but still, women are struggling with various things that are needed as a grain and growing up on concepts as women are the one who is beholden for the sake of all the household responsibilities.

Women are still in vulnerable situations.due to the government policies and sociocultural treatment as the men consider themselves always superior to women. They are considered most of the time to take the multiple roles regardless of their role in the office. According to the official report of Forbes, only the 50% of women of working age are in the labor force comparable to the population of 77% of men. Many women are suffering under the violence and only the 40% of them seek for the help.

Regarding their education issues; by age 18 girls receive 4.4 less education than male students that represent the two third more than one billion of illiterate adults with the basic educations.

Why do we need Be bold for change

In order to make a change in the world, we women can’t stay back in the home just taking care of the home and family. Change doesn’t come that way and we have to do something to make it happen.  It certain point the changes may arrive in our life. Instead, we women have to be bold and strong enough to face any kinds of challenges that come every day in our lives.
is a general thing that we can’t simply stay back in the seat and wait in the hope that at

Our colleagues, our partners and our friends may be the male and we have been working together for a long time. Due to the disparity in the sex, they may think and pretend that we are still weak enough to survive under their control and we can’t be bold and strong to be independent. Let’s make change their mentality showing our power, our truthfulness, confidence and our illness which could be even more powerful than their eternal forces. We women are very sensitive to working on any kinds of environments as well, we are sensitive to achieve our goal. But the male, on the other hand, should know and understand that women are also a human being same like them. We are not deprived of the mind and thought whatever they possess rather they may have possessed the wrong belief and thought that women are weaker than them in any aspects.

We were strong yesterday, we are strong today and we will remain strong tomorrow and will be stronger day by day because we have determination, we have dreams and we have belief to make the world happen to change to treat the women equally and to  respect the women values and importance to be a family and to move this world together for the other horizon. All the men of this world have to give the equal respect and dignity to all the women of the world as all know that the existence of the world and continuation will stop one day if the existence of women stop in this land.