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Monday, March 6, 2017

The recent News Of US that we need to know

There are lots of changes and many things happening in the United State of America after the president Donald Trump took the office on Jan 20th, 2017. He signed the several executive orders in his first weeks of his office that took the attention of the world as most of his orders were against the
Bald Eagle, symbol of United State of America
immigrants who have been living in the United State and travel ban. He has been excuting his urge that he had given to the people during his presidential campaign. There is some major news that we have to know about the United State.

1.New Executive Order

President Trump has signed the new executive order on Monday, March 6th, that bans the travel from six major Muslim countries dropping the Iraq from his initial travel ban in January and has reinstated the temporary blanket ban to all the refugees of the world.
The criticism is going on as the president has disregarded the first amendment of the US constitution. Activist and human rights group are under the protest of his first executive order.  New executive order for travel ban came after six weeks of the original order.

2. Trump Allegation toward the former President Barak Obama

President Trump alleged the former president Barak Obama for wiretapping him during his presidential campaign of 2016 without any pieces of evidence. The former white house officials strongly refute the stunning allegation that his predecessor.

Barak Obama on Saturday rejected that claim by the statement of his spokesman Kevin Lewis. In a statement, he said "Neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false,"

3. Cause of demands of Attorney Jeff Session

There was an official letter of demand for the resignation of Attorney general Jeff session

“Jeff Session has violated the trust of the American people, lied to Congress and proven himself the wrong man at the wrong time to hold office as the nation’s top law enforcement official,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, President of Common Cause. “This country cannot have an Attorney General who makes false statements to Congress during his own confirmation hearings or at any other time. And certainly this country cannot have an Attorney General investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials warn that Attorney General was both a surrogate of the campaign and was meeting privately with Russian officials at a time when Members of Congress had been made aware of Russian efforts to swing the election.”

The attorney general Session had been under fire since last week when it was reported that he had met the Russian Ambassador twice during the election campaign. During that time he was a surrogate for president Trump.

4. Immigration  and Customs Enforcements ICE

The number of ICEs have been increasing in the United State in every state in order to deport the undocumented immigration from the United State. According to the new executive order of president Trump, they have been active in every state, regardless of the State’s intention to protect the immigration.

5. Trump campaign and Russian 

According to the CNN poll, two-thirds of Americans say a special prosecutor should investigate contacts between Russians and Trump campaign associates. According to this poll, 55% say that they are at least concerned to somewhat about the connection of the Trump campaign with the Russian operatives.

Even the President Trump first address to the Congress has literally changed his way of expression and influence the people with positive vibes and inspiration the poll conducted for his proposed policies will move to the countries in the right directions didn’t change as it was 48% then and become 49% now.