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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Heaven is only the best place ( Saturday)

My Sweetheart

I love you more than myself, I adore you more and more every day, but I think heaven is only the best place ever to wait for you to foster our love and to unite our two hearts in the same string. We know
Photo Courtesy Bardhoj Okhrabo
about the present and what will be the future. We are diligence for not harming anyone in this world. If our union of the soul is possible in this life, let's make it possible in the safest place of heaven. We will have no guilt, no regrets, and no suffering. The true love will exist there safely harvesting the seed of purity and absolute truth.

We are the creatures of this beautiful world and we respect to each one equally to live the life. We can't be so selfish only for the sake of our own comfort and pleasure, but more than that we want to make significant value to all the human being whose lives are related with us. We can pour our love in the palace of fantasy where everything is possible, but in real life, it is quite far from us due to being social creatures. I don't believe true love survive with the achievement rather it is a sacrifice and forgiving. We don't have to regret with the destiny that separated us far in the distance physically rather we have to value this moment of being apart because absolute love has the power to unite our soul forever doesn't matter how far we are in the geographical distance.

Once in a while, I was desperate to obtain you in my life and felt sad when it was not possible but now I have completely changed my thought. I have found myself one of the luckiest women of the world, finding you to share my pain and pressure, comfort and joy, happiness and pleasure. You are one of the most influential men in the world I have ever found who has a great respect for woman, who value for each substance and still has a faith for equality that has the highest level of attraction to endure my passion.

My heart has been filled with your norms which don't  possess only the love between us, but the inspirational belief and values of the whole human being of this world. My life would have stopped somewhere in the throne in your absence, but you took me out and let me move forward every day. Our love is immortal for all the lives when we born again, regardless of physical unity. I don't believe the purity of love survives after the physical attachment but our love will remain in the heaven as a solar spectrum with seven luminous colors.

We will make our lives colorful, we will inspire each other to live the life with purpose, we will support to each other to find the true meaning of humanity. All of our dreams will come true one day in the heaven and we will persistently support all the lives of our with great respect, empathy, and warm companionship and we will still feel and experience the warmest love that no-one has realized in this materialistic world till yet. I hope you have an equal, thought, and believe what I mentioned above.

Your forever soulmate