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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reflection of activities

We do many things every day, read, write, talk with people, share the pain and pressures and work hard to make sure everything should be alright as let the expectations. Same as other I want to make sure everything should by all right to my family to my child and I want to give 100 percent of my
Photo By Bardhoj Okhrabo
attention to my job during my working hour. Even I try very hard to make sure everything to go smoothly, but many things and flaws tease me and I discover that it is the result of my activity what I do.

I have read many stories, novel, and many more dramas and many of them based on the tragic movements. I was not aware of how I was directed by reading those stuff. I could be peace for a while and sometimes I feel like a pity character who face several troubles in life. Everything devasterà in life and the hope was gone down the beneath of the river, but eventually, I take a long breath when they are alright in the end and I become happy  when they reach the top of progress.

Same thing happened today. I was reading a novel on my way to the work, but the character was in the opposite situation than what I am now. Even the stories are very similar to my own life. I am so thrilled to go one by one sentences, assuming I am the one sailing throughout the book where someone has taken my own notion of being the character of me. The subway was so crowded even it was quite stifling and to take a hand away from the body. I squirreled one round and tried to take my hand with my iPhone so I could have access to read my ebook with a lot of effort. I became able to do so as said there is a way when where is will.

I was selling myself being the miserable character of the novel a but I had already reached to my station. I got off at my station and kept on moving my body toward the office, but still the sentiment was moving with the character whom I found the story of my own past and present. After entering the office started to open the system and check my emails and responded to some of them. It's my commitment to the job I try to give 100 percent of my attention to a job, but somewhere I was leaking my thought by myself. My general manager entered into the office and called us for a short meeting. He was talking a lot of things, but I hadn't removed the characters from my mind and thought lately realized I was at work.

Many of friends and relatives think that whether I have been falling in love or my creation of stories are my true story. I couldn't answer them all because they know the truth one day. But my own attitude is diverted to the vast inclination of tragic moments that it comes to my mind. Sometimes I broke myself being on the side of my own character of the story and stop writing. I have stopped writing one of the stories in the middle because it's so difficult to overcome the tragedy that my characters undertones.

I try to be the best for everyone, but due to my activities what I keep on doing and what I prefer to be doing, I am not sure how my friends and relatives are treating me. Sometimes I find myself solely alone in the vast vanity of the creation and thinking taking along myself miserable in the field of the desert. But the most precious part of life is that I love to be doing what I want to do is the right things, but I am careful I won't harm anyone due to my nature and activities of what I prefer to do.